Lines in the Sand

I mentioned in my first post that this blog will be different. This blog would be painted with neon colors that made a lot of people uncomfortable. As I grow into myself, I plan on posting my heart. Throwing myself out there and taking some risks.
Let’s get right to it.

To give some background, I was born and raised non-denominational Christian. Because we moved so much, I was blessed enough to experience several churches, multiple church families, various forms of worship, all to one God. I had opportunities to be in Youth Groups, join the missionaries temporarily in the field. I studied religions, and I read the Bible twice, cover to cover.

I learned more from loving, and getting love from all of those people, than I did from any podium.

The older I get, and the more I study, the more I realize that while Christianity has a lot of black and white, but there is a lot of gray too. I believe there is areas in the Bible that God left unwritten for us to complete. I believe, with everything in me, that God wants us – as Christians – to be open minded. To be loving, accepting, and graceful. God has a greater sense of humor than we give Him credit for. The God I have come to know, hung out with prostitutes, murderers, thieves, and drunks. He didn’t look down on sinners, He befriended them and loved them. He didn’t walk away from difficult friends, He showed them mercy.

It scares me that some churches are teaching that to be a Christian, you have to stand so strong in your faith that you leave the people that need God most in the shadows. You’re so intent on shining, that you’re blinding and terrifying those that need it most.

Loving is never unChristian.

What if, what if, religion was viewed less rigid, and more like the letter below?

“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” -Gerry Spence

“Many of the beliefs we consider facts are really just things we wish were true–comforting ideas that we’re scared to release.

The world and people feel a lot safer when you think you have them pegged, but the truth is that there’s far more we don’t know than do know, and that will likely always be the case.

If we can let go of our need to know and be right, we can be amazed, inspired, motivated, challenged, and filled with wonder every day.

If we can accept that more often than not, there is no definite answer, we can connect through our collective vulnerability instead of separating through our individual understandings.

We are all in this together–in a world rife with unknowns.

Here’s to drawing one less unnecessary line in the sand today. Here’s to believing more in each other than in our interpretations of what’s true. Here’s to opening up to what’s possible instead of clinging to what seems probable.”

Yours Truly,


6 thoughts on “Lines in the Sand

  1. I think this blog has needed to be written for a very long time! Way to put yourself out there!
    I was raised a very strict _____ (not gonna say) But as I grown older, seen how other Churches, religions and down right ‘cults’ act…I just have to laugh sometimes! Some of these ‘cults’ (yes I’m using that word again) think that their teachings, their ways are the ONLY way a person will be saved in God’s eyes. Wrong. The only judge and jury out there is GOD himself.
    Jesus did live amongst sinners, hookers, drunks etc…but he and God still loved them all. Sincerely. Not fake.
    What gets me sometimes is the ones that ‘act’ as if they are perfect or ‘finally’ perfect in God’s eyes or their Church’s views, STILL live hidden lives and have secrets that would their fellow congregation ‘gasp’ with shock.
    I personally believe in God, go to Church from time to time, but don’t shove or push my views/beliefs down others throats. If you are ‘one of those people’ who think they are mighty-er than thou…look in the mirror. YOU, yes YOU are NOT fooling anyone. AND, watch it ‘bite you in the butt’ sooner or later.

  2. You are amazing, woman. You look into your soul and you listen to the truth within. Regardless of where anyone believes it comes from, it’s the truest in that place, and I admire you so much for not being afraid to step outside of an oftentimes ignorant box of Christianity.

  3. Nomz! Amazement! This is hands down (in my opinion) the most beautiful, genuine and truth-exhibiting blog you’ve ever posted.
    I have struggled for years to get ingrained socially with church-goers that follow the “only let in those as Godly as me” mindset.
    I love that you made it about LOVE.
    Those that really get it- and live lives of love- well, they have and will make an impact in this world like no one else has…

    • @KKH – I love your comment “only let in those as Godly as me” because that is how I have felt over the past few years. Then I came to the realization that God is about love. How do you bring people to Christ if you cannot show them the kindness, love and the nonjudgmental”ness” of Him? And instead as Christians we condemn those who aren’t? No… my God doesn’t do that; so neither will I. I am a loving, compassionate person who will show my love to anyone who needs and/or wants it.

  4. This is a beautiful blog!!! Sitting at home with a new baby not sure what to do and if what I’m doing is right on top of all the rest of the world around me and its judgements, I find this blog hitting the spot!

    This stuff needs to be said more often.
    Thank you for puting it out there lady!!


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