I love a good mirror.

“You will always have to live with yourself, and it is to your best interest to see that you have good company — a clean, pure, straight, honest, upright, generous, magnanimous companion.”

I love hearing that I’m aglow. Ironic enough, I get told that more often when I’m happy with where I’m at in life, than where I am in comparison to anybody else.

I love being able to look in a mirror and love me for me. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m female, and emotional, and quite confident that I don’t always like my own reflection. In fact, I’ll probably use this post to look back on in, oh, 13 days…ish.

Today though, today is a good day.

I love that I’m growing in independence.
I love that I can make a room laugh.
I love that I can sing like Kelly Clarkson, and that my voice naturally turns smoky when I sing from my toes.
I love that I have two little girls.
I love even more that they think I can also sing like Sugarland, Martina McBride, and AC/DC.
I love that I have enough confidence, that I can feel sexy in sweats and hoodie.
I love that I still have hard abs.
I love that I can still catch a tan.
I love that my eyes change colors like a mood ring.
I love that my hair parts to the right.
I love that I can type over 100 wpm.
I love that I can drive a stick.
I love being so self sufficient that I don’t have to feel needed all the time.
I love that change, and new things, don’t frighten me.
I love that I have a stockpile of songs and poems waiting to be published someday.
I love that I’m tech savvy.
I love that I get stronger every single day.
I love that I’m good with numbers.
I love that I suck at baking, but rock at cooking.
I love that I’m surrounded by good friends.
I love that I have a sister. And a brother.
I love that I cry when I’m mad.
I love that I love whiskey.
I love the way plaid makes my skin look happy.
I love that I can read two or three books at a time.
I love that I have an insane long term memory.
I love being an animal person.
I love being a city girl.
I love being a mom.
I love being a mate.
I love being a best friend.
I love that I’m honest with myself.
I love that on weak days, I can admit it.
I love that my skin tone enjoys hair changes as much as I do.
I love that earrings make my eyes sparkle.
I love that lillies+rain+dirt=my very own recipe for perfume…someday.
I love that I am awesome at folding jeans.
I love my handwriting, especially my Y’s, and my J’s.
I am proud of me.

One of my best friends told me once, “you get out of life what you put into it. If you’re life sucks right now, it’s not because you don’t deserve happiness, it’s because you’re not putting enough good out there.” Ponder that.

The second I started telling my friends and family how much I appreciated them, as soon as I started telling strangers how great they looked daily, as soon as I started “paying it forward” by buying the coffee for the guy behind me in the drive thru, it changed.

As soon as I started looking in the mirror and giving myself a stern talk-to about what we needed to accomplish every morning….it changed. As soon as I attempted to pray each night for another person, or by throwing up things I’m thankful for, instead of things I NEED…it changed.

We all deserve happiness, but you won’t achieve it until you’re absolutely self-satisfied. Put some good out there. There is a TON of love out there for you to catch, but if all you’re willing to see is what’s bad and wrong with the world, that’s all that it’s going to give you back.

What do you love about you? List for me; lists make me happy. ❤



4 thoughts on “I love a good mirror.

  1. I love that my family is well rounded and excepting of each others goods/bads. I love knowing that there just a phone call away. I love that after soon to be 23 years of marriage I am still in love with my husband and love spending time with him. I love that in my forties I am a strong indepentint lady. I love that I can drive my semi in the morning and my red corvette in the afternoon. I love that I can spoil the ones I love. I love that I can talk tractors,semis, NASCAR and sill feel like a girl. Most of all I love that im learning that im worth love that is given to me. Most of all I love that every night when I go to sleep that my grandma and god are looking over me.

  2. I love this newfound momma bear instinct talk about powerful stuff!!!
    I love that I’m a country girl who’s roots to the prairie run DEEP
    I love my hair, it really is awesome!

    I love that I made a beautiful baby girl and have been entrusted to raise her to be the best she can be and to live the right kind of life.

    I love that I took a leap, a big one into some seriously muddy, dirty stuff for a chance at something like real love and life…and that I’ve found what I’ve been looking for–ME

    I love my real friends with whom I have that special thing going on–where you don’t NEED to talk to them daily, weekly, monthly to KNOW them and KNOW they’re there for you and they know the same in return!

    I love that I can trust my feelings about things, people, activities!

    I love that I have a friend who insists on feedback of the SHARING kind!

  3. I love that I can stalk your blog and know you don’t mind. 😉
    I love that you are so amazing in the way you live your life and write your super awesome words.
    I love being away from technology for weeks and coming back to find awesome blogs about things to love.
    I love that I waited until I had reached the quarter century mark to get married.
    I love it when the weather turns and summer is here. It is like summer love all over again with each sunset.
    I love that I married the man who was supposed to just be my summer love.
    I love that you are an inspiration!

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