I have anxiety. Self diagnosed, crazy ass, anxiety. I’m the type of person to get so caught up, and so worried about something, that it twists my stomach into a web of knots, causes my skin to freak out, makes my dreams to become more vivid than normal, and become so edgy that I about drive myself mad. Therapy or drugs? Nah. It’s mind over matter, and now that I’ve come to the conclusion all on my own, I can fix it all on my own too. If I can talk myself into crazy, I can talk myself right back out of it. So THERE, self. Step One: Laugh at yourself.

The world is in chaos, friends and family are in turmoil, and I have ringworm. Also, the world is ending Saturday. See? Legit things to worry about. Possible to find it entertaining and move right along though.

It goes like this:

Monday, a suspicious rash shows up on my stomach. I assume that it’s caused by the stress that came the week before (Open dictionary, see: turmoil, mom getting a concussion, and sick kids). I leave it alone.

Monday night, the suspicious rash explodes and itches. Naturally, I scratch.

Tuesday morning, suspicious rash has EXPLODED everywhere that my itching occurred, sending me into a panic that I had gotten the chickenpox for, like, the seventh time (whoever said chickenpox occurs only once, is full of fibs and funny juice). THIS time though, I have Google to solve it myself! According to Google, I have Cancer of the Herpes, it’s extremely contagious, and I should probably call 911 immediately, or surrender to death within the next 48 hours. Enter: Panic.

I go to the doctor, report my diagnosis, and prepare for the worst. Two seconds she’s in the room, TWO SECONDS, and tells me I have ringworm. Right. Also contagious, but not life threatening, and I probably make it worse with both itching and stressing. However, I am the funniest client she’s had all day, or maybe even all year. Cancer of the Herpes is her new favorite diagnosis, and future April Fools’ Day Joke.

Here I sit, 24 hours later, finally calming down about the world being upside down, realizing, oh hey, the world is still spinning, even if it is upside down. No matter how much I worry, or cry, or make myself sick over the small things, they all iron out eventually anyway, and I’m wasting an awful lot of time worrying when I could just be happy about the things that ARE right. I can’t fix the world, but I sure can try…starting with a little bit of me.

We’ve all got a lot going on in our lives, we all have things to whine about, cry about, worry about, be upset about. Every single one of us has turmoil. How big are those worries in the grand scheme of things though? Tell me, a year ago today (sooooo, May 19th, 2010), what were you worrying about? Something HUGE, SO HUGE, that you remember what it was, right? That’s what I thought.

Cool your jets.


PS-The world isn’t ending Saturday. And if it is, it’s not worth worrying about today, but gives you a perfect excuse to start loving and appreciating tomorrow like it is the last day you’ve got. Mend bridges, hug your peeps, and be fully prepared to have more time on this world…God has promised his arrival will be QUITE a surprise, on an ordinary day, when our world needs it most. He rocks like that.

“Save your strength for things that you can change, forgive the things you can’t…let it go!”

“Faith is the power to stand up to the madness and chaos of the physical world while holding the position that nothing external has any authority over what heaven has in mind for you.”


One thought on “TwitchItch

  1. I LOVE THIS! So true! ‘Save your strength for things you can change, forgive the things you can’t and let it go!’ I live my life by that every day. So what is my ‘family member’ was just diagnosed TODAY with an incurable condition? I’m dealing with it. Not blah, blahing it all over FB and Twitter for attention. Just taking it one day at a time and remaining calm. Yes, calm.

    God had/has plans for all of us. We cannot control what will happen or when it will happen. Just learn to not stress (no the world is not coming to an end!) over it, not beg for attention over it, just ‘give it up to God’ and SMILE the rest of the day. Stress is the Number 1 hardest thing for your body to handle…

    I’m glad all you have is ringworm…otherwise I would walk over to your house and hold your hand, hug you and make it all better!

    Hang in there girl…you are doing just fine. Let your brain process it, whatever it is….and continue to fix it in your head, before it comes out of your mouth. PROUD OF YOU, YOUR STRENGTH and YOUR JOURNEY TO BE ‘NORMAL’…whatever ‘normal’ is!

    Loved your blog!

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