& Sometimes, I smoke cigars.

I can’t win for losing…

A random’esque blog, helping me cope with my nightmares, daydreams, and ponderings.

-I’m pretty sure I have cancer. Or I’m pregnant. Or my intestines really ARE the size of two football fields like they say, but they’ve somehow tied themselves in a knot, and randomly ball up into something the size of a softball, contracting as they please, and taking on some serious enjoyment from my hypochondriac of a system. As I have no other symptoms pointing towards the first two options, the last makes the most sense…but the nightmares about possibly having the first two, are enough to drive me mad. Are knotted intestines a symptom of stress? Or maybe, perhaps, the late night Taco Bell runs, mindless snacking throughout the day, and lack of exercise has something to do with it. Is this what getting fat feels like?!”

-It’s June, the start of the busy season for my best half. I hardly see him, and I’ve grown accustomed to it. Better yet, I love that he loves me, provides for us, and works harder than four “normal” men combined. “I’ll take what I can get” is our theme for the next three or four months, and what we do get, is most often bliss. Learning to juggle stress isn’t optional with us. If you get out what you put into life, lorrrrdy, do we have something awesome coming.

-I wish the world only picked on rotten people. The fact that a good handful my friends are struggling, when they’re some of the best people to ever grace the world, kills me. Meanwhile, evilness is running rampid and driving fast red sports cars and eating caviar about it.

“Taylor Swift, stop reading my diary.

-It pains me more than anything to have a friend be so far away from our friendship to not only realize that we’ve slipped, but almost disappeared completely. Lack of fight in a person, especially for something of value, is irking.

-I’m two days away from a stellar vacation. I’m overly grateful for the family that is watching my kiddos, the family watching the puppy dogs, the friends going with us, and the friends welcoming us with open arms. I can’t WAIT to go “home”!

-I love my sense of humor, the amount of patience that consumes me, and my ability to make light of every single situation. I also love that I have this fire inside me that comes ablaze as needed. Tempers aren’t all bad…

-I wonder, sometimes, how women can disappear so completely in their mate that they lose themselves. I guess I’m just not that risky…I actually think to myself, “If I were to do that, what would be left if it fell to pieces?”…not so much for lack of faith in love, but because I can’t imagine my life without my friends and family because of a choice I made. It really is possible to have it all; widen your gaze.

-I have a wild passion for photography. I’ve recently been presented with an interesting to project, one that I’ll probably blog about later on. BUT, in that inspiration, I’ve learned that life is an awful lot like photography. There are a zillion different camera and lens options, ways to look at what’s in front of you, capture it, and edit it. You can widen your lens, narrow your lens, zoom in, zoom out, over expose (heh), or go a’natural. The funny part is, you don’t need a camera or a lens of any kind to get those different perspectives. If you’re having a hard time understanding your current world, change your lens.

-Lyrics spin through me, keeping my world on axis. I’ve got one particular friend that is a rockstar at sending me every pretty lyric or song that comes out, and while I don’t always respond right away or even get to them right away, it’s one of the few friends that has their own folder in my gmail, when I’m in full need of a reboot. ❤

-I can’t imagine trying to doctor a hypochondriac, bless them.

-Sometimes, I smoke cigars. Tonight? Totally happening. One of my best girls is in town! ❤


2 thoughts on “& Sometimes, I smoke cigars.

  1. Oh fun! A random blog about everything good, struggles, your love life, your beautiful family, tummy issues, cigars and vacations! I do like the ‘jumping’ blog going from one subject to another.

    Enjoy your summer, your vacation and let’s get together sometime to smoke —- etc.! 😉

  2. Here’s my mom face (you get to be my babycake in training; HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?!) about you not getting in to get yourself checked out yet. Pinky-swear that if it’s still bugging you when we get back from the Weekend of Awesome, you’ll go in? *wiggles pinky*

    I love you for making my sucky day amazing, for the fact that you make smoking cigars look cute, and even more for the photography perspective quote… loveitloveit. I think I need to squeaky-clean off my lens & find a new way to focus in 🙂

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