Things That I Am NOT.

Naturally, I find myself wishing for more. “Gosh I wish I were ____”. So, to turn myself around in the right direction, I’m going to be more grateful for things that I am NOT. Self, get slaphappy, because this list is fun!

Things I am NOT

I am NOT afraid of pizza, ever.


I’m a happy mix of things, like my new favorite drink. UV Blue + Mountain Dew: I prefer life on light and fruity but on the rocks with a kick.

What are you NOT?



2 thoughts on “Things That I Am NOT.

  1. Oooh you aren’t preggo? And happy about it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe I’ll add that to my list.

    I am happy that I am not:
    -A liar
    -Fat (anymore!)
    -A glass-is-empty type of person
    -Someone who settles for second best
    -A cook (baking is so much more fun ;p)


  2. I am NOT:
    -Full of drama
    -Starved for attention
    -One who gives up easily

    I DO:
    -Love life
    -Love my family
    -Love my friends
    -Spread joy
    -Want to be loved

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