Random Wednesday: 1

If only we could all be so easily thrilled...

Years and years and years ago, I created “Random Monday”. I can’t tell you if it was an idea of my own, or if I saw it someplace and loved it so much that I recreated it. But it was my way of http://dailyoffensive.blogspot.com/, search the blog for “Random Mondays” or click on them in the sidebar.)

I quit doing Random’s for two reasons:

#1. I quit blogging all together for a while
#2. A lot of the posts offended people.

SO. Here I am, severely missing that release of words once a week, and realizing two things:

#1. I missed blogging (and I have this friend Ashley, that reminded me that I REALLY liked it!)
#2. We’re all too afraid to be honest with people. And we’re afraid to hear honesty. So I’m back. Back to offending with truth, fully prepared to hear it in return.

Disclaimer: So, decidedly, I’ll be blogging at least once a week, on a Wednesday, and shaking off the week before, and spouting off bits of brilliance.

-I decided on Wednesday because my friend Reese borrowed my Monday idea and does it so well that I won’t be stealing it back: http://thediynearlywed.wordpress.com. It’s mostly bits about her upcoming wedding, but I’m betting it continues post-wedding, stay tuned!

-I decided on Wednesdays also because my friend Danie has had Tuesdays longer than I’ve had Mondays: http://beastybeast.blogspot.com/. If that’s not the most random compilation of things you’ve ever seen or misunderstood, something is wrong with you. Girl is traveled, brilliant, hilarious, and also? Bonus points for her ink love, including the vajayjay on her arm.

-I may have discovered “our song” today. Stay tuned, because this little adventure to find THE song has been intense. Also, pray I’m right.

-Am I the only one that’s never seen “Teen Witch”? I feel like I’m on the outside of something very cool. Like…the appeal in expensive shredded holey jeans.

-Kyanne starts Kindergarten two weeks from tomorrow. *dies*

-I LOVE that we’ve been down here almost a year. I love even more that I’m finally settling in roots, finding some really amazing people to call my friends, and feeling at home.

-Someday there will be horror movies containing possessed, murdering farm equipment. I’m JUST sayin.

-I crave this deep friendship with my sister. We grew up so far apart that we’re challenged with it sometimes, but someday, we’ll be cackling on our front porches and going gambling in the hills, you wait. Right now, I suppose we’ll stick to garage sales and cheesecake.

-I’m starting to feel comfortable around the farm. Brandon can tell me what field he’s in, what tractor he’s in, or start rambling off in Spanish – and as long as it’s not before 8am, I can usually understand it all really well! (Even the WHICH TRACTOR HE’S IN OMG). The Spanish is the easy part, ladies & gents.

-The Girls asked me this week how to get to Paris (ages 6 and almost 5). I told them by graduating college.

-Distance, officially, has no barring on a friendship. The same amount of effort should always be put forth, regardless. (My friend Alicia (hiiiiiiii gorgeous!) and I used to be three houses down from each other. We’re 2.5 hours apart now, and haven’t grown an inch apart.)

-Last week I was whining that I didn’t get a summer. Today, I’m ready for it to be over. I’m ready for the sights and smells and slowing down that comes with Fall. I’m ready for cooler weather, reading in a breeze outside, crunch leaves.

-I need a hammock. Oh, but we’re out of summer. Maybe next year. Somebody freaking remind me.

-I am thrilled with this new movement of kid-free restaurants. I can’t believe people are up in arms about it. DATE NIGHT PEOPLE DATE NIGHT.

-My girls and I had a VERY serious discussion about whether queens wear lipstick or not. They do.

-My favorite images of the week:

"Sit Like a Girl!"

Yours Truly,


7 thoughts on “Random Wednesday: 1

  1. YAY RANDOM DAYS ARE BACK! And who on EARTH was getting offended? And why? There is nothing offensive! *secretly moves Random Mondays to Wednesdays to tease you* I kid, I kid!

  2. Thank you. It’s time that you decide to start blogging again (Nomz Blogging Counseling Attendee!)!

    Offend us. Be blunt. Tell the truth. Be YOU. That is what we LOVE about your blogs. Everyone is hiding behind ‘fake relationships’, ‘fake church beliefs’…etc etc…… Please…if nothing else, SMACK us all in the face and make us pay attention!

    I’m looking forward to you Wednesday blogs. Will schedule time in my day for it, for sure! 😉

    Hope you entice ‘Ghost Bloggers’ again at some point….but not yet! You have tons to tell us about your life, your family, your home….bring it!

  3. You are so wise….who were you in your past lives? You can’t have gained all of the this knowledge and insight in the short time you’ve been on earth in this life!!
    I may not catch every blog but I’ll sure enjoy reading the ones I do!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that your blogging again!!! Pssshhhhhttt on those that are quick to judge and call it offensive! We are all entitled to our own opinions, thoughts, and passions. All of which define us as individuals. Carry on girl!!!

  5. NOOOMMZZZZZZZ!!!! I wish there were a random every single day of the universe blog by you. So if you could work on that, it would be great, thx. You are radical. Looking forward to next wednesday 🙂

  6. thank goodness you’re blogging again! The people that used to get offended on Mondays either got up on the wrong side of the bed, are too indoctrinated in political correctness or don’t want to think for themselves! Tell the girls that Paris can be found in Texas or Vegas too! Best (or really good) friends are just that no matter here they are located – mine happens to be 10 time zones away and it never seems like we’ve been apart. Hammocks work well in autumn too = ) especially with a really good book. Isn’t lipstick the only thing the queen keeps in her handbag??? Well, maybe a hanky too!

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