Wordy Wednesdays! #2

Wordy Wednesdays are mine, all mine.

“Random Wednesdays” just wasn’t catchy enough. Like the new name? I do. Lez git dis partee started!

-I don’t know what the heck a “Happy Napper” is? But it’s exactly what my five-year-old-tomorrow wants, and exactly what she’s getting. I’ve googled them, but I’m pretty sure I have to hold one, and maybe watch her hold one, to completely understand the concept.

-My email told me this today, and I heart it: “Things rattle your cage, push your buttons, and rock your boat, to remind you that there’s still more to know.”

-When I tell you I am the busiest person ever. I’m not avoiding you. I’m really the busiest person ever. Text me if you need a picture of my calendar to prove it.

-Someday, I want to take my kids and my best friends, and be in a flash mob. I mean seriously guys (!!), check this out!

-I love the smell of cardboard. Weird?

-My friend has a wedding on 9-10-11, and I want to be there so bad! It’s in Chicago, the land of pizza, magic, and The Pier, and to see her say her forevers there? T’would be bliss.

-I found a new quote I liked this week, and I added things to my bucket list. Your homework? Click on “Bucket List” on the left nav to see that, and my favorite quotes are always always in the right nav!

-Some days, I contemplate deleting my Facebook to give someone else a life. Facebook User that shall not be named, please stop talking about me, imitating and stalking my every post, kthxbai.
*side note, normally, being retweeted, liked, quoted, and loved is a compliment and I don’t want to sound unappreciative. I just get SO tired of people not liking themselves so much that they over-achieve trying to be somebody else. While imitation is quite flattering, it makes my insides sad. That’s all. For now.

-I have fallen head over heels for Grace Potter’s music. What’s soothing your ears this week?

-My baby turns five tomorrow 😦

-I swore I’d never marry again. But gooooosssssssshhhhhh it’s tempting to settle down with this man I’m madly in love with.

-I wish I could carry my carefully balanced friends in my back-pocket. I have my ray of sunshine, my fearlessly bitchy, my sanity, my creativity, and my positivity surrounding me always via email, but OH the things we could do if we were all together all the time.

MY favorite pictures I snapped recently:



One thought on “Wordy Wednesdays! #2

  1. Should we start a ‘send Nomz to Chicago’ fund? If you are serious…I’ll help out, because those special moments don’t happen every day.

    I do love Grace Potter with Kenny Chesney….can’t get enough of that song. Seriously. It has some deep meaning that I relate toooooooo…..

    I promise to never over ‘Like’ your Facebook stuff…and to still love every post, blog, picture that displays the joys and growths of your wonderful life and world!

    Happy Birthday to your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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