Ready, Set, Don’t Go

I’m going to want a recap of today, so starting only three hours into it, only makes sense.

I was so excited for the first day of Kindergarten, that I couldn’t sleep. And while all I wanted to do was get the girls up and get this show on the road for Kyanne’s sake, I stayed in bed as long as possible, hoping to put off the inevitable. I’m not ready for today. Brandon checked on me twice before I even set my feet on the floor for the day.

Everything went as planned getting ready. Kyanne bounded out of bed (shocker, right?), ate a good breakfast, got dressed, had me do her hair (“do it just like yours mom, I want to look like you today”. I cried.

We had twenty minutes to spare, as planned, and took about fifty pictures. There were some posed, some of her loving her sister telling her that she’d see her when she got home, some unplanned. We loaded up in the car, got to school half an hour early, listening to the chatter in the back seat.
It’s ok Leyna, you get to school next year. You have to keep mom company today because (whispers quieter) she is going to cry a lot.”
“Kyanne, are you going to make new friends?” …”Yep, lots of them, I’ll share.”

I parked half an hour early, giving me at least twenty minutes to say good bye. I decide to go through the pictures I took that morning. And realize I hadn’t put a memory card in when I put in the new battery, and lost all of the pictures. I cried.

Thank everything I was such an over achiever that we had half an hour to spare. We rushed home (yay for living five minutes away!) and redid the photo shoot, less satisfying, but pictures nonetheless. Rushed back to the school, and were still the first in line at the kindergarten doors. *pats self on back*

Her little sister and I spent the morning bouncing from Starbucks, to the dollar store, to lunch with my sister. From 6:30 this morning, through the entire day, I got love and support from Brandon, the family, my best friends via phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, and random check-ins to make sure *I* was ok.

I couldn’t be prouder of my sweet girl, and I can’t wait for her to tell me all about her first day. Life is good today, it really, really is.

My Little Girl

Sweet girl you’re set, you’re on the brink
Engaging a new life, to following your dreams

Tears in her eyes, your mama’s strong, you take another step
Fearing little, excited more, ready to accept
Change in your life, your adventure prepped
You’re out to change the world
Though hardly over four feet tall,
You’re already off, conquering it all.

Footsteps tiny, family by your side
Backpack bigger than you are wide
Get ready sweet girl, Get set for it all
Mama at the ready, should you ever fall

Your sister cheering you forward, your mom forever proud
It’s no surprise, not at all, you’re living life out loud
Gorgeous girl, you’re off, you’re gone – to set the world a’spin
Always you’ll be my baby girl, you’re ready to begin.

-Nomz 8/18/11

Tucking this day in, as both bittersweet and awesome; I can’t believe she’s a Kindergartner, and I can’t WAIT to see what is to come.

Yours Truly,


5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Don’t Go

  1. I’m so happy YOU made it thru HER first day of kindergarten! So very *proud* of you!

    Also, even though I wasn’t one that checked in on you today, I thought about you and your beautiful family, prayed for you all and of course, watched everything unfold perfectly on Facebook and Twitter!

    Stunning ‘quick’ photos and a wonderful tribute to your growing and stellar daughter, Kyanne!

  2. Maybe that is why I decided to homeschool, because that way I dont have to go through it. Dont know if I could handle it with the grace that you did! However Gabe and Gracie are both going into kindergarten this year and just the thought of them both being old enough about kills me! Love you girl and thank you for this post!

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