My Kindergartner is 16

My bouncing baby girl!

Once upon a time, I had two little girls. And regardless of how much I try to talk them out of it, they’re trying to grow up. I put bricks on their heads, and they’re getting taller. I put on shoes that are too small, and their feet keep growing. I keep them entertained, I buy them age-appropriate toys, and I make sure their friends are all their age, so they’ll like this age and never leave it. And it’s not working. Nothing works.

My oldest is six going on sixteen. On the first day, she held back the tears while I cried. She took brave steps while I shook from being overwhelmed. She introduced herself to her new classmates and teacher, while I stood back timid at the change. She told me I was going to be ok, and that she’d see me after school. I should have known right then that she’d come home older.

People warn you that they’re going to need school supplies, cute backpacks, extra snacks, bonus sleep, help picking out new clothes, winter coats for outdoor recesses, and humidifiers and cold medicine for the beating that they’re little immune systems take.

The stuff they don’t tell you they’ll come home with:

New friends, starting the first day. On day one, she came home a little social bunny with six girlfriends, four boy friends, and one boyfriend. She couldn’t remember any of their names, it wasn’t important. She comes home talking about them every day. Her best best best best favorite best friend is Viennay, which is pronounced differently every day.

They come home suuuuuuper tiredcrankysleepyhiper all at the same time. I have to battle a tired kid, that’s bouncing off the walls, that wants to talk to me about her day, but only between fits of giggles. I have a feeling if I told her to go into her room and tell her pillow about her day, she’d never come back.

They have homework. For real, I slept through Kindergarten. We had nap time, story time, show and tell, and recess. These kids are learning to read, write, write a complete sentence, do math, and have homework four nights a week. I’m tired. She has to read 120 books by May. OMGYOUGUYS.

She comes home with new words. I’m not talking about new words that the teacher passes along. I mean, she came home the other day talking like this valley girl cheerleader with the worst accent I’ve ever heard. “Liiiiiike, mom, seriously, her dress was cuuuuuuuuute okaaaaaaaaay?

Enough paper to make YOU cry about the death toll of trees. Not only does she have “important papers” every day, but she has projects, her homework, her homework folder, her first fundraiser…all that I have to organize, keep, send back, or remember. Parents, how the heck do you keep it all straight? I now understand my moms “piles”.

She misses her sister. Her and her sister have a stronger bond than I have ever seen between two kids. They’re best friends. And rather than falling into a million pieces when separated, they’re actually getting stronger in their own personalities. And when Kyanne gets home? Her sister gets the first hug, giggle, and stories. envy. And so much love and prouds.

If this is what happens in Kindergarten, the next 12 years terrify me. And thrill me.

Your Homework:
Comment me this:

#1. What do you remember being the biggest change for you as a parent?
#2. What do you remember about Kindergarten (My mom let me take my horse for Show’n’Tell)? And the rest time, OH THE REST TIME.
#3. What’s your favorite DIY organizational tool that you’re proud of?
#4. How full is the front of your fridge during the school year because OMG ours is esploding.

Because our biggest transition in our little (ha, ha) life right now is the kindergartner, you’ll see me write a lot about her. You wait until you have one, THEN you’ll understand. Sort of like… those blogs you happen across about weddings? You know, where you roll your eyes and make fun of their details and budgets and craziness, until you’re one? It’s like that, on an equal plane of emotions and rollercoaster activity. Life transitions are SO much bigger to the person going through them. And commenting on their blog telling them that you’ve been there, and have a funny story to prove it, only encourages them. 😉

Hanging in there,


3 thoughts on “My Kindergartner is 16

  1. All I remember about kindergarten is riding 3 wheel bikes (in the classroom), napping and my boyfriend named Tim. Amazing how life has changed since ‘way back then’!

    Enjoy all of this, as it’s her most memorable year!

  2. Oh the never ending drama! I homeschool and we still have it!! We keep rotating artwork and use a lot of the rest as cards to friends and family or just sent to the grandparents…..let them toss it later! 🙂 The school papers I file and at the end of the year I go through them and keep my favorites and recycle the rest. Enjoy it, memorize it, and keep her surrounded by all things girlish (little girlish!) We know some little girls who just turned 9 and asked their parents to get rid of all of their toys cause they were too old to play….I cried for their sake! They will do great with you as their mama!

  3. Ok, the nerd in me saw “homework” and was totally compelled to do it!
    #1. The biggest change for me when I became a parent (to my little rock-star of awesomeness Rowan) was that I can’t just grab my keys and my phone and run out of the house. Every time you leave the house there MUST be planning involved. A mom’s brain is always running through the mental checklist of things like do I have the sippy cup, a change of clothes, and hand sanitizer!
    #2. The only thing I remember about kindergarten was that I would “accidentally” miss the bus home so that the school would have to call my dad and have him come pick me up. I LOVED riding home with my dad because he always had the coolest cars and it was our time to talk all about my day and listen to the Roxette cassette tape.
    #3. Hmm, I am pretty limited on storage space so I would have to say an old Kit’n Caboodle makeup case that holds some of my cake decorating tools. And I am kind of proud of it, it’s purple for crying out loud. Who still has theirs from sixth grade!
    #4. The front of the fridge is stark freakin naked. We just got a stainless steel fridge and did you know you can’t put magnets on it!!!!!!!!! However, the sides are pretty collage-d of all the cool things Rowan brings home from preschool! (How do those teachers come up with such cute stuff to do!)
    PS…Naomi, I added your blog (I really hope that’s what this is called or I’m gonna feel really stupid) to my favorites so I can see what cool stuff you write 🙂

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