Wordy Wednesday: #5!

I just realized that it’s 2pm on Wednesday and I haven’t even started Wordy Wednesday and I was all *arms flailing, runs around the office grabbing skittles and water to hunker down and write!*

I can’t believe this is the fifth one already! By now, you know the drill. If not, welcome to my randomness…please don’t feel slow if you can’t keep up or understand, it’s really a scattered blog.

-My kindergartner has her first fundraiser going, I’ve mentioned it. It overwhelms me. Like, I don’t want to ask people for money. BUT it all benefits her school, her playground, and her fieldtrips….so…*shrug* Does anybody, like, wanna buy some stuff? (The support we’ve already had on it is overwhelming, and as much as I suck at thank-you cards, I’m totally going to make her do them. Maybe she won’t suck at thank-you cards.

-Raspberry cheesecake cookies from Subway = omsOMGoms

-A good friend of mine (hiiiiiiiii Amber!) referred to my guy as my “hottie boom ba ladi”, and I like it so much I’m taking him out on a date about it tonight.

-Mileage reimbursement is my favorite time of the month.

-I get to see one of my best friends on Sunday AND I get to take pictures of her kids! Oh look at me peddle my wares…anybody want family pictures done for the Fall? Comment below, find me on Facebook or Twitter, and let me know! My September is almost full! ❤

-I have an itch for a new horse, and it's getting almost uncontrollable. Not good, not good.

-I've joined my first football pool, wish me luck.

-I have this strange urge to either be in, or take pictures of a Boudoir session. Any experience or stories out there to share?

-Sometimes, I just wish we lived somewhere else. And nowhere else. At the same time.

-Does your past make you bitter, or better?

-My five year old has confirmed, I look better with red hair, lipstick, and a white shirt, than I do today.

-I have constant, daily reminders that I am loved both because of who I am, and in spite of who I am. And, that I can love me too.

-I hope someday I want to be domestic? But right now? Crafts, sewing, DIY homey things? Not interested. BUT, wouldn’t it be cool if I wanted to learn how to run this?!

-Song of the week (especially this really pretty flowy acoustic version of it):
Rise Against – Swing Life Away

Ok, back to playing on Pinterest, filing, faxing, the uuuuushz.


6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #5!

  1. Ummm. I REALLY want to and NEED to take photos – especially family ones. Lexi’s 2nd birthday is just a few weeks away – OMG – it’s September. #deepbreath I really want a house pig! Jason thanks you for that. LOL I will definitely be a boudoir client… I don’t think I could do it with a stranger. AND I am so doing fantasy football! Here’s wishing me beginners luck. haha Love your face tons! Let me know when we can schedule photos! 🙂

  2. cool looking sewing machine, but I don’t know if I could work on it! I think the pattern would make my eyes cross while stitching my seams together…

    Raspberry cheesecake cookies?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! How have I missed those? Perhaps my Subway doesn’t make those here = /

    “…Does your past make you bitter, or better?…” yes… sometimes separately and sometimes, at the same time.

    And what is the lovely school tyke selling that some of us might be interested in buying from her???

  3. I SECOND ‘brittanysername’ ‘ssss COMMENT above!

    And…P.S., my PAST makes me BETTER. Always. Never be bitter, no matter the circumstances, because it’ll put wrinkles on your face. 😉

  4. I want to be domestic, too. It’s one of my goals. I found a place in Boulder that gives knitting, crafting, etc lessons…thinking about signing up! Got to start somewhere…. 🙂

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