Ready, Set…Cry. I mean Love Bomb.

About two months ago, one of my best friends sent me a link, and she said something like, “I found this, and thought of you.” Not out of the ordinary, considering we email each other all day every day, and at least 50% of the time, we’re sharing things we discover online (like Pinterest, for example…which is also her fault.). Anyway, I look at this link, I glance pretty quickly through the website, and trust her judgment without investigating it completely. It’s called “The Love Bomb”. You put your name in the “add me to your list!” blank, and they email you twice a week.

Normally, when she sends me stuff like this, it’s a neat little email program that sends me bits of encouragement, positive quotes, new outlooks, etc., throughout the week. The Universe, for example, is delivered to my inbox every day, and is probably my favorite email I get every single day. It arrives around 5:30am, and I wake up and get my perspective on right. You can sign up for that one here: (wordpress hates links for some reason, so you’ll probably have to copy and paste that into a browser)

Ah hem, back to it.

The Love Bomb sent me an email on Tuesday and, in some really cutesy verbiage, said “hey gang! We’re looking for this Thursday’s love bomb contestant! Email us your suggestions!” I deleted the email, cross eyed and confused, and waited for Thursday.

On Thursday, The Love Bomb emailed me, and in a matter of minutes, had me in a big puddle of tears at my desk, realizing that my perspective on life is constantly shifted in the wrong direction. And each week, every Thursday, I get an email that says “Hey nomz, you’re feeling sorry for yourself again, why don’t you use that gift of words you’ve got and help somebody else out instead?

See, every week the Love Bomb takes suggestions from its readers for people that are out there hurting or suffering, or just in need of some serious love. And then they send out a mass email on Thursday with their best weekly suggestion, and the readers all link through this email to a blog that rips your heart into a million pieces, makes you feel SO blessed to have what you’ve got, and begs you to just leave a little anonymous comment with words of encouragement. Less than two minutes of your day, and you feel better about life, AND become part of a group that is single handedly changing lives.

Join me, every Thursday, in my big ol’ pile of tears, and pray, love on, blog on, comment on, or just think about a family you’ll never meet in your whole life. Consider it one more step in making a change in this world of ours.

Today’s starts like this (quoted from The Love Bomb email this morning):

“” A few short weeks ago they arrived at Sick Kids Hospital thinking that their 2 year old daughter had an inner ear infection. They left the hospital with a diagnosis of brainstem glioma, a fatal inoperable brain tumour giving her only 3-6 months to live. They have both taken a leave of their jobs to relish in the time left with their beautiful daughter and I know that an outpouring of love and support would help them be held in love as they move through these months. There is little more to say but that a love bomb would be a small bubble of support in a pool of sorrow.

So, my lovely little love-tastic love bombing baby-cakes, let’s drop the bomb on this post!”

(Again, please copy and paste the links in your browser or search engine, my wordpress hates my html code, sorry.)

Sign up here:
Read today’s story here:
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3 thoughts on “Ready, Set…Cry. I mean Love Bomb.

  1. I’m so late to this party, but thanks for the kind words, girl! You’re such an awesome member of our team!

    I’d love to partner up and do some mutual linkage!

    Get in touch, woman!


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