Wordy Wednesday: #8! (words and pictures, words and pictures)

I through all my latest thoughts into the blender, and got this concoction. It tastes ok.

-I think the world gets scarier with each generation, am I right? I mean, in the 1920’s, it was the issue of having enough food, warm enough houses, and healthy livestock and crops. In the 1980’s, the fear was drugs, groupies, terrible music, etc. Throughout all of the last 100 years, it’s been the fear and issue of wars and poverty. I think with this generation, that hasn’t changed…but we have to worry not about food quantity, but quality. Not about the absence of technology but the ease of it. Not about the readiness of weapons, but of the abuse of them. I have something to worry about every single day while raising my children in this violent, selfish world…and the biggest fear, is how this world will change for the worse by the time they’re having children.

-I’ve said it before, I say it again – imitation is not the highest form of flattery.

-If you haven’t read “The Help”? Do it.

-My sister and I succeeded in making our first Pinterest project! Check it OWT!

Pinterst Project #1!

-Facebook changes. Sigh. You guys, they’re never going to stop making changes. I’m not a huge fan of the new ones, mostly because I feel like they’re making it easier for everybody else to get your information…but we only get stalked what we put out there (guilty, as charged). Nobody is forcing you to use their platform, and as frustrating as it is…maybe it’s just a sign that we need to spend less time on there? That’s where they’ll notice our complaints, not in our status’s (also, guilty. I was wishing on going to Bali, WHILE complaining, heh).

-My sister is joining the land of smart phones! *proud face*

-I want to learn Yoga, SO bad!

-Everything, seriously, all the things are happening on October 1st. Four birthday parties and a baby shower. SHEESH PEEPLE.

-My favorite picture that I’ve edited this week:

-I’m pretty sure I’m surrounded by the most brilliant, photogenic, hilarious group of girls that have ever existed. How I went from being a girl hater, to a lover of multiple girls is beyond by, but BLESS, I love them.

-I’m contemplating getting all my girl cousins together and taking my grandma on a little girls weekend out in like…Nebraska, just to see what stories are told. ❤ (pssssst, are you guys interested??)

-What’s your favorite US destination? I’ve never been to…well…most of America. Boston is my favorite so far, but New Orleans, DC, and someplace in Oregon are definitely on my to-do.

-I really want to do this concept, but with words floating away. Thoughts?

-Some days, it really bothers me that we can tell what causes cancer, what measures we can take to prevent cancer, but we still haven’t found a cure. *sad face* I’ll still march against it, pray for those suffering from it, and have confidence that between our brilliance and technology, that it’ll happen soon. It’s just frustrating, you know?

-Best movie you’ve seen lately: Go! I need movie time!

-Holy SMOKES, my kindergartner has been in school for an entire month and is already recognizing three letter words, and can put most words together by sounding them out.

-I’m debating a homeschooling blog, just for some different angles on schooling. Thoughts?

ponder, ponder…and lover of all things comments,


4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #8! (words and pictures, words and pictures)

  1. I love the tattoo concept! Maybe the same base dandelion, but the words are built into each piece on the stem….where you can barely read them, but as they fly away in the breeze, the words become more readable. Make sense?

  2. Tattoo yes, but WHAT WORDS?!!!!? For some reason I see it in my head with a kid holding it and blowing on it, like a portrait, but still with words.

    Movie: Big Fish (you’ll cry) & Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (you’ll laugh, Jane Russel is SUCH A BADASS!!!!)

  3. The new facebook hates me because it isn’t showing me when you post a blog post on your profile. Epic fail Facebook. Epic. Fail. Anywhooters….I get what you are saying about your babies and the world we’re in, it’s my biggest fear for having children! LOVE your homemade necklace. LOVE. You take the most delightful photos. Period. I don’t have a favorite US destination YET but I am thinking that when we go to New Orleans the night before our cruise that will change. I am sooooo crushing on New Orleans. Tattoos scare me, all those needles jabbing me all at once is terrifying, so you go girl! My new go to movie lately is He’s Just Not That Into You. MY GOSH Ben Affleck in that movie? Every girl needs one!

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