Wordy Wednesday: #9!

-OMG YOU GUYS IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE NEWS I MADE A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MY PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s sort of a big deal for me, but probably isn’t nearly as monumental for anybody else. But in case you WANT to like me, I even put a fancy button on my blog. See? —-> (scroll down, it’s on the bottom of my right hand column!)

-Tattoos are spinning so fast in my head that the reality of a new one is probably abouuuuuuuuut a couple of weeks away. Deciding which one to do first will be my biggest hurdle. Also, new hair. ALL THE THINGS. I’m going to arrive at work on the following Monday and shock the typewriter… <–new code word …so fast that it’ll probably start making loud noises and may even fall over.

-I don’t know the seventh thing about starting my own business (I know a few, oh bless you accounting job and awesome coworkers) and here I am leaping into the middle of it. *dies* Any pointers?

-I have a date tonight! DANCE,DANCE I don’t know where he’s taking me, what we’re doing, or any fancy details, but I DO know I’m wearing heels, and there is a babysitter involved. Win.

-The leaves are starting to golden up in Colorado. My favorite thing about the leaves turning is RIGHT now when they’re meshing with the summer green, showing signs of a smooth transition to a new season and new chapter. We can learn things from trees.

-The more I run from my past, the more I’m faced with opportunities to embrace it. Friendly reminders that I can learn from it, use it to better the lives of the people around me, and oh heyyyyyy use it to keep my perspective in line where it belongs. I just wish my transitions through chapters were as smooth as green –>yellow. I’m like…summer green –> BROWN AND CRUNCHY —>blooooooooooming. No smooth transitions.

-I don’t want to be a bajillionaire. I just want to be able to have a pedicure whenever I want. And a vacation (one). Not four houses, three rentals, seven cars, nineteen kids, and a golf club membership. Never rich, just comfortable. I had this conversation with a coworker who was ditto’d me, except she wants two vacations. Where is your comfortableness, money-wise?

-I’m really trying hard to eat an apple a day, just to test that theory.

-I’m debating blogging about the things I learn about farming on here, in it’s own category. Is there any interest, or would I just be talking to cyberspace?

-Tomorrow is my first official parent-teacher conference, and I’m nervous for some reason? Like? It kind of makes me want to talk in question marks all the time? And raise my voice into an annoying pitch? And wonder if I’m ready for this?
SO proud of my little girl, PS. She’s getting up at the same time every day, getting dressed, eating healthy breakfasts, finishing the lunch I packed her, and is so nice to her classmates. It’s going to go well, I know it. I’m just not ready TO BE A MOM OF A KID IN SCHOOL OK.

-Hi, my name is Naomi, and it’s been three weeks since my last ChickFilA sandwich. #addict

-Is anybody else slightly disappointed with Sons of Anarchy this season? I feel like it’s ending this season and they just haven’t told us and it’s giving me the epic sads.

Yours Truly,


4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #9!

  1. ~ as you develop your business, do NOT underestimate the value of your work. while it’s a good thing to give friends a price break, don’t do it across the board.

    ~ watermark (in a prominent manner) the work you post on-line.

    ~ I think you can blog on any subject you want to write about… even if it’s just for you!

    ~ I want to be comfortable enough in my life to not have to worry if I will be the next greeter at the local WalMart = /

    ~ running from one’s past will always have you looking over your shoulder to see if it’s still following you…

  2. Is thinking that your are smart, pretty, a great mom, a wonderful girlfriend, and a awsome part of our family( and zip code ) … So of course your new bussiness will be succsesful in all ways possible. I am with CoCo and say don’t sell yourself short your time is worth something….. Giving peaple a good deal is fine but you need to make it pay for you… just saying..
    After all these years of farming life is comfortable for us. Makes super happy to be able to do for the ones I love. A farming blog would be great, give others a perspective of what farm life is really like… I have tattoo envy so I think its a good idea. So want just one not sure I can ever decide on “the one” Love Date night, and bonus for me cause I get to spend time with the girls.

  3. I’ve got an ‘itching’ for a tattoo as well! As well as MANY other changes. Hey…you only live life once and I want to live life on the edge of MY happiness! Which includes lots of friends, wine, fun inexpensive gatherings and YES, vacations. Cheap but fun vacations! I’m the master of them you know! 😉 Please let me know when the tattoo event happens, because I’ll be THERE since I only live like a few blocks from you. Can’t wait to see the hairs! Do it! Please!

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