Wordy Wednesday: #10! It’s like fireworks, only with words.

*The thing about DIY (do it yourself) projects is that when you’re done, it’s not supposed to look like you DIY (did it yourself). That right there is my first problem.

*I’m discovering more and more that I’ve got an artist brain. The more I write, the more I photograph, the more I want purple hair, tattoos, and ear plugs, the more I think outside of the box, and the more I demand an open mind on major issues…the more I realize I’m not so much a not-artist. I wish I’d discovered this in junior high, it explains so much. Especially things like, “why I struggled with science“.

*I have a sick kid, I’m chasing off a cold, and I’m pouting and whiny because it’s barely October and we’re already fighting crap off.

*I heard a thing on the news this morning that one of the states is going to start offering a “2 year marriage contract with option of renewal”. It pisses me off mostly, and makes me saaaaaaad sad. I’m constantly reminded that the world I’m raising my kids in, is a shaky scary one.

*I’m getting a pedicure this week; screeeeeeeeee! I’m thinking orange, obviously.

*Are corn mazes as much of a big deal in every other state as they are in Colorado? Like, what do people in states that don’t have corn do for entertainment in October??

*I’m starting a prayer journal this week. I want to learn to actually meditate, but for now, I’m sitting in the quiet every night, and writing down every single thing I have to say to God. I want to look back in a year and see the changes that happened because of it. I don’t give Him enough credit for the prayers both answered and unanswered.

*When he turns and looks at me and says, “I wish everybody could have a love like ours.”, and “of COURSE you’d look awesome with gray/purple hair“, I’m like *melts into a ridiculous pile of mush*.

*You know all those goals you’ve got piling up that you’re afraid to start working on? How much dust do you think they’ll gather by this time next year?

*Do you guys listen to Pandora? Please add the channel, “The Civil Wars”, best zen choice I’ve ever EVER made. I mean listen to this gem I found on there:

*When I grow up, I want to be my kids.

*Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.
–H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

*I’ve always wanted one of those gigantic red mixers. And then I wonder why, because me + baking = oven on fire, AND I KNOW that I’ll hate that it’s so huge that it insists on sitting on top of my counter, which is clutter free. Sigh.

*My laundry room is my new focal point for renovation. And I’m going to do it all with things I HAVE in my house, like bleach, paint, DIY projects – gasp!, and curtains. Before & After pictures to come!

Yours Truly,


3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #10! It’s like fireworks, only with words.

  1. Get the purple hair already! I just say a professional gal at a meeting I went to yesterday…she has the light purple highlights and she looks marvelous!

    And I LOVE your quotes….especially about the being powerful one? Too many people brag. Blah. Bleh.

    Get well soon and keep on loving that amazing man of yours!

  2. I believe its Mexico city that you’re thinking of. They have so many divorces that the gov can’t handle it. So its a contract. Two years legally bound. if after two years you don’t renew, then you’re divorced.

    it’ll make things more efficient, but not all marriages are consensual there. so I approve. tho.. two years is like when you should date and have figgered it out already… oh well.

  3. I HAVE the red mixer. Only mine is black and totally the largest size you can buy (I mean before you go all industrial and get the ones for restaurants and junk) and it is the best invention ever! Even if you aren’t a baker. The ice cream attachement is amaz-az-az-azing! I have never been through a corn maze. I ought to get on that, but quite frankly, they freak me out. Even the ones that aren’t designed to be scary. I could get lost. And die!

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