Wordy Wednesday: #11!! Short and mostly sweet! Like a Twix!

-I never regret trying to wean myself off off caffiene until right about…..now. The migraine always waits to hit until about 2pm when it’s too damn late to do anything about it anyway.

My favorite quote found this week: “Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love. But in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.”

-“The amount of mercury is so high in the swine flu shot, to be safe, the individual getting the vaccine would need to weigh 539 pounds.” Why would I give that to my children on purpose? Reference the entire article here: http://victoria-nicks.suite101.com/unsafe-mercury-levels-in-the-swine-flu-vaccine-a164989#ixzz1abDUTaxm Thank you Sarah!

-I feel a little weird being one of the only “random” bloggers that doesn’t dedicate the entire blog to things that I’m thankful for, maybe I’ll add another day that I can sunshine all over the place. This one is really just here for my head to explode onto “paper”.

-One of my favorite things ever is the way my girls say, “Pumpkin”. It’s like “Pooooooooooookin”. It really is the little things.

The Biggest Loser is the first <strongtv show that has ever made me cry. Repeatedly. I blame the insanely sad music they play at every epic scene.

-I miiiiiiiiiight be getting a new tattoo soon! shhhhhhhhhhh! I need your help though! Should I get this, only with “grace” instead of love? And If I were to get it in a place that gave me the option of being able to read it and making you tilt your head, or visa versa, which way?!

grace tattoo

grace tattoo

-I hate vague-bookers. If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t talk about it even a little bit. Saying things like “I just want to crawl in a corner without a book and diiiiiiiie slowwwwwwwwwly about today!” and then when asked about it, respond with, “thanks for asking, I don’t really feel like talking about it.

-CAN IT BE NOVEMBER NOW PLEASE. I’m already over October and November is always full of happies and autumn, and yay things. Or, I’m partial because it’s also birthday month.

-I’m virtually hugging my friend Amberlee today, like squeeeeeeeeze If you love me too, you’ll comment and also squeeze her for me. Her strength through rough & tough days is phenomenal. Also? She’s one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet, held together BY VIRTUAL SQUEEZES SO SQUEEZE HER.

-Shorty today guys, my head is imploding. How was your week?! Did you guys catch Sons of Anarchy last night? It was gooooooooooooood.

Yours Truly,


4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #11!! Short and mostly sweet! Like a Twix!

  1. Gus says “pumpkin” like “punkin,” and it never ceases to delight me. I get all smooshy-excited about how adorable it is to hear a 6’2″ dude with huge holes in his ears say “punkin.”So, I mean, if you POSSIBLY end up getting that tattoo, my vote is for on your wrist, and angled so you can read it. (I would literally go batsh*t if I got a tattoo and couldn’t even read it ON MY OWN SELF.)Also, BRB, GOING TO SQUEEZE AMBERLEEE

  2. So, I’m liking the word “Love” in the mobius design (infinity, never-ending loop) representing forever Love…

    Random blogs seem to be more honest than everything is just oh-so-sunny blogs – I wonder what the writers of those blogs are trying to convince themselves of!!! Perhaps that’s a little cynical, but I have a hard time connecting with just being happy, happy, rose colored glasses HAPPY blogs.

    • Oh, Coco, you should try it! I’m definitely one of those “sunny” bloggers; I love to celebrate life’s tiny victories by writing them down. (Seriously, have you ever tried it?! It’s amazing. It’s like you’re adding a new level of happy TO the events because you’re re-living them AND giving them extra energy by taking notice.)

  3. Ohhhhh I had the same “Thankful” thought this week! I know this one lady who does “Thankful Thursdays” and don’t get me wrong there is a lot to be thankful for but it gets repetitive. I think in your random, awesome, heartfelt awesome words you express lots of thankfulness already! Just my two cents. Also, I end up creeping so many blogs from reading yours. I think I’m embarassed about it…

    P.S. Lets cry about the Biggest Loser together mmmmkay?

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