Wordy Wednesday: #15! Emo & Pearl Jam Day

Today is a Pearl Jam day, which for some reason, always seems to go hand in hand with a deep-thought, emo, or angst day.

I’m starting to realize that life experience and hard lessons are what take us to a deeper level of understanding. It’s coming up from the bottom that shows you how to feel life. You might be really, really good at living life, making few mistakes, lots of friends, and one of the best crawling this Earth, but have you felt life? Maybe I’m wrong. I guess if you’re going through something really hard right now, it’s because you’re supposed to be learning one of those soul-aging lessons, someday, hopefully, it’ll pay off and you’ll be grateful for it?

Sometimes, people just want to be mad. and sad. and depressed. They don’t want to be cheered up. In fact, what I’m learning, is that if you can manage to meet them there in that place, and feel that way with them? It’s the best kind of therapy. Example: I call my friend Alicia whenever I have a good rant I just want to cry or scream about, and it’s rare that she doesn’t cry and scream back.
It’s all a girl wants, you know? It’s no wonder men find our species so confusing.

No offense, but if something appears generic on one of my Random posts, it’s because I don’t want to talk about it in depth.

Last night (the possibly maybe future mother in law) Cindy came over and folded our laundry while we ate dinner. And today, she took my oldest to lunch. Sometimes, I don’t recognize people’s efforts enough, so this is me, giving her a giant shout-out and thank-you, for all she does for us.

I’m actually looking forward to getting fat this year. As in, I’m not going to watch what I eat at Thanksgiving, and might even double the gravy on my stuffing. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish??

Last Friday night, my birthday month got kicked off. Normally, I celebrate once or twice depending on family/friends, but this year, apparently, it’s happening a bunch of times. I’d like to think it’s not because I need celebrated, but because I have so many people to celebrate with! My friend Prairie and her friend Amy took me out to this Johnny Cash themed bar, bought me martinis, fed me good food, and talked to me in a kitchen until a time of the night where I just felt GOOD about life.

My mom gave me homemade laundry detergent (I know, you want to be that crafty too. So do I.), awesomepossom lotion, shopping money, and got the family together at Chili’s (chips & salsa at Chili’s, is my favorite OMSOMSOMS…and about the best thing on their menu, right) for my birthday lunch!

I’ll keep you posted on birthday month. I don’t know what all is planned yet, but I know there are things BEING planned, and there are also cake pops in my future, so….

I had four photo shoots this last weekend! All went SO well, the pictures are turning out gorgeous, and I’m thrilled beyond words that my business is taking off (with or without me!)! To keep up with my work, “like” my Facebook page, Rugged Grace Photography, or stay tuned for my website (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)! I spent almost the entire day with one of my bestBEST girls, Ashley, and felt absolutely recharged because of it.

I don’t understand why Junkyards think so highly of themselves. I mean I just want to take pictures of and in and around junk, and you’re telling me you want to charge me $125/hour?! IT’S JUNK PEOPLE

I want a foot tattoo, officially It’s going to say “don’t stop“, and it was inspired by this video (and Brit!!!!!!!!)!

My ex has the air around me tasting bitter. And if it weren’t for my insanely strong support system (see: family, friends, new family (hiiiiiiiiii gramma!), new friends), I’d have lost my mind by now for sure. I hate that my girls are old enough to start feeling impacted when he creates a void. Encouraging them, without lying to them, is my biggest challenge as of late.

This blog was honest. And I hope not so strong that I hurt feelings, but I’ve found that the more I hold back, the less I write and feel like myself, and that’s not really an option anymore.

ok then,


5 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #15! Emo & Pearl Jam Day

  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! I love when you are honest and don’t hold back, I love learning more, and LOVING more about you! 🙂

  2. This Pearl Jam? This one right here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuq7RYQ8Wa0)? It’s one of those nook & cranny kind of songs that snuggle in and love you up. Seriously, go to there.

    THANKSGIVING OMG. I’m requesting a shot of the deep-fried turkey NOW (well, I mean, not like TAKE ONE IMMEDIATELY), plzthx.
    My mom makes this rockstar cornbread casserole with corn IN it that makes my life a better place; I want THAT. And mashed potatoes.

    This blog makes me want to hug you. Just get up next to the monitor, right now, and stick your arms around it; I will, too. Then we’ll both look crazy, but it’ll be ok ’cause we’ll probably also feel better.

    LOVEYOU, my soul-charger ❤

  3. This is what blogging is all about lady! “Speak your peace!” And if someone takes offense, then maybe they should change their lives and/or how they’ve affected your family/life to make you write about them.

    Okay then…
    Happy Birthday Month!
    I Love your Photography Passion!
    I wanna new Tattoo tooooo!
    I’m gonna eat till I unbutton at Thanksgiving!

  4. Ahhhhhhhh you made me cry. I love the fact that our whole family is growing and that good or bad we still seem to make Thursday night family night. Thank you for helping me make it happen each and every week. Happy face. I am so very happy to do some little things that make your life happy and easier.
    You being honest is truley the best way to be. If a few toes get stepped on well so be it. No one forces anyone to read your blog. But those of us who love you are addicted to it. Hope that makes up for those who feel you hurt them with your words.

  5. Feeling life is a gift that many don’t allow themselves… which is their loss. And it’s a shame. Perhaps they’re afraid that it will be this visceral, gut thing when it’s more like this tingly, feeling every nerve’s alive sort of thing. I will gladly live those feelings than just bumping along whenever life goes.

    My fave, fave, FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving is the leftover turkey sammich with dressing and cranberry sauce……. pardon me, I’m drooling in anticipation = )

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