SURPRISE! 28 – Moments Not Things!

Moments Not Things

For my 28th birthday, which happened on the 16th of November, I asked for moments, and not things.

When the mister asked me what I wanted, I told him a memory.
When the family asked what I wanted, I told them shopping trips.
When the friends asked me what I wanted, I told them an event.
And when I asked for all of these things, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

It’s taken me a solid week or more to write this post, because every time I go to add more to it, I get all sentimental and weepy. I still can’t fathom how blessed I am, how loved I am, and how outlandishly lavish I’ve got it. And when I say that, I’m not talking about physical items, I’m talking about how I’m surrounded by the most extraordinary friends and family I’ve ever known.

It actually started at the beginning of November. And while I’m kicking myself for not having pictures to document it, two of my friends came down on separate occasions to take me out for my birthday, giving me hours of their time, to celebrate me (little did I know, that for their own reasons, they weren’t going to make something else that was being planned later in the month, and this is how they were making it up to me. I’d like you to look up effort in the dictionary, and confirm that these two are listed under it.). We wined, we dined, we martini’d, we pizza’d, we shopped, we talked.

The following weekend, I was taken to lunch with my mom, dad, brother, and girls, and was given homemade laundry soap, a homemade sugar scrub, melt lotion, and money to get myself something. effort. ❤

And so we arrive on the night of November 12th, exactly four days before my birthday, headed toward “dinner with just you and me and the girls.” He swore he reserved a table for just the four of us, wanting family time before things got busy again. Can I tell you what happened when I arrived at our private reservation? I wish I could show you, but wordpress wants to charge me $99 a year to add my own videos, and I’m too embarressed of myself in this video to put it on YouTube just to get around it. SO, I’ll tell you that I arrived to a “SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! party. A room full of, oh, I don’t know, thirty plus handfulls of my favorite people, shrieking at me. I cried, I blushed, I fidgeted, I punched my boyfriend, and then I hugged every single one of them. I’m still just like *shock, awe*. And THEN I found out, that this has been in the words since AUGUST. Ladies and gents, I have the most organized, most secret-keeping, event planning friends and family in the land. I’ve always wanted a surprise party, you guys!

My inner-workings of the "SURPRISE!" ❤

The showering continued/continues. I got gift cards (most of which, are helping me remodel my bathroom!!!!) to all of my favorite places, a toilet & bathroom vanity & accessories (this excitement? An obvious sign that by “almost 30”, I mean “almost old because this excites me”), I got loads of texts, messages, emails, phone calls, Facebook posts, Tweets, letters in the mail, packages from my favorite girls, cards, blogs written, and dinner parties.

The Mister did exactly what I asked, and gave me an entire night of just us, full of things I’ll never forget, including but not limited to fortune cookies, cheesecake, pictures of us, and conversation that led us to solve nearly all of the world’s problems. He’d give me the world, if I asked him to, I’ve been told. But really, I just want him in my world, by my side, for freaking ever.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the moments handed to me for my birthday, along with the showering of more love and gifts than this girl could ever ask for! If I didn’t include you specifically in this post, it’s not because I’ve forgotten, I’m just still spinning and probably writing a Part 2! ❤

If this month has any indication of what this year brings, I'm wow'd already.

Good gracious, I’m absolutely blessed.


7 thoughts on “SURPRISE! 28 – Moments Not Things!

  1. You are one special mother, daughter, sister, cousin and friend. You deserved everything that happened to you, for your birthday ‘month’! Bet you can’t wait till the next one…hmmmm…”how can we top this one?” And yes, no matter what, YES, we did keep a secret from you! Even though ONE person almost ruined it, we avoided their drama.

    Happy all month Birthday Beautiful!

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