Whoa, you guys, I’m a Real Blogger now!

My First Ever Blog Award! ❤

My newest blog friend, who I boldly mentioned in a blog last week, Mommy Said a Swear Word, nominated me for an award, that if accepted, makes me a Real Blogger.

I accept this award, and am participating with arms wide open. I’ve been blogging for a few years, which means that for a few years, I’ve been throwing my innermost workings with the internet world, trusting that they’ll take it, learn from it, and feel the world with me! I am grateful and thrilled to have been mentioned today on her blog, it’s giant compliment, and proof that my words are sometimes enjoyed as much as I love writing them.

As part of the rules, regulations, fine print, and blood pact made by participating, there are two steps. First, I have to reveal seven secrets about myself, and second, I have to share with you fifteen of my favorite blogs.

The first rule is toughest, because eeeeeeeeesh they’re secrets. Hopefully, I won’t have a new list of haters over it.

1. I am a control freak. Thus explaining my need to drive instead of being a passenger, my love for surprises but terrible reaction to them, by urges to scream at my mister for leaving his shoes in harmless places around the house, and the random overreactions to small things.

2. I liked the Twilight books. There, I said it.

3. I wear push-up bras daily. I’ve had two kids, I’m skinny, and I’ve got nothing left on top. The extra “support” gives me a much needed girlish figure.

4. I’m a little bit afraid of the dark. And by little bit, I mean that if I’m downstairs doing laundry at night, I leave the light on when I leave because if I don’t, obviously whatever is down there will chase me back up and there won’t be a witness to what it was.

5. I still feel like I haven’t found my place in this world. I do my job well every single day, I love my boss and coworkers, and all I can think about still, is about what else I could be doing. And something tells me it has to do with photography for Special Needs kiddos. That’s a cat I’ve for sure never let out of the bag.

6. When I was 8, I saw one of my friend’s dads run across his house naked, post-shower. (from the back only, don’t freak out people). He thought we were all outside. It was the first male ass I saw stark naked and I feel that this is a secret enough without me giving his name out ever. I’m blushing, BRB.

7. I hate baking. Which explains both why my brownies literally explode every time I make them, and why I can’t remember any baking lesson I’m ever given. I live for the lessons themselves though!

FricketyFrack, that was hard.

Part two! Below, are 15 of my daily check-in blogs. If I tell you why on each one, this blog will get crazylong, so just do me a favor and check them out!

Check Your Sugarcoat At The Door

Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time


Supernatural Serenity

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Haphazard Thoughts

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The DIY Newlywed

The Prairie Homestead


Jorah Day

Bringing the Sunshine

Kitten Thunder

Blessed Grace 511

Promote Peace. Inspire Change.

I lied, I gave you 16, because I’m an overachieving list fanatic.



15 thoughts on “Whoa, you guys, I’m a Real Blogger now!

  1. There is a REASON you see the world through that lens the way you do & why your behind-the-camera demeanor is so welcoming and wonderful; I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way for you to put your amazing gift to work than finding a niche in the special needs realm ❤

    You make me so proud all the time.

  2. So, basically, what you’re saying, is that I have to give away my secrets.

    This…should be an interesting exercise for all of us.

    Thank you for nominating me!! I’m honored!

  3. I love Twilight, TOO! And wear a push up bra everyday!!! Thank EVERYTHING for those gel wonderbras!

    I can’t wait to see where your photography takes you! You are so effing talented and I’m so happy that you aren’t just letting it go to waste!!! You win!

  4. I knew ALL your secrets already, because I am a I LOVE YOU TONS stalker! There I admitted it…I stalk you because I care about you, your family, your beautiful girls, your handsome man….AND ESPECIALLY because you need to continue to have the BEST CLEAVAGE around! 🙂

    Keep on being honest girl…we Adults can take it!

  5. Yay! I love your responses! I also hate to bake (and find it incredibly irritating when people ask me to ‘just bring a dessert’. I’d have an easier time making chicken cordon bleu than baking a f*ing cake. I’m also quite afraid of the dark. (Especially after watching the first 4 episodes of An American Horror Story- I had to leave my daughter’s bedroom door open while I was rocking her to sleep because I couldn’t stand the dark).

  6. Okay… so I skimmed over your blog yesterday ‘cuz I was stupid, crazy busy… That was yesterday, and today’s another day = )

    After reading #5 I had a thought – does anyone in your area hold dances like proms for special needs individuals? If so, perhaps you can volunteer to take prom pictures for the individuals. Groups in our area do proms for special needs as well as dances for seniors.

    As for the first part of #5, I think you will find that as you go thru life, you will always think there might be something different out there you were meant to be doing. It’s part of our evolution… it can be a challenge sometimes and other times, an adventure!

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