Wordy Wednesday: #16! Just because everybody is thankful today, does NOT mean I don’t get to use sarcasm.

I get off at noonish today, and will be off until Monday. So I’m putting a bit of a rush on my Wordy Wednesday blog, and will most likely be away until then. I hope you all eat your hearts out, remember that calories are only temporary tomorrow, sleep during the football games, hug your families, and remember that we can be as thankful in a few days as we are tomorrow.

Let’s get this party started!

Does anybody know anybody in PETA? Because I’m starting wonder if they’re a government conspiracy group, like that Will Smith heads up like he did in that one movie. The name is escaping me.

Have you ever noticed that some cars (especially Nissan’s, dirty minded engineers, those.) have mirrors shaped like sticky-bras? Because I have.

Thriday. While I admire my friends creativity every single week on Thursday, I really, really get angsyty when they combine words like that. It’s Thursday, it will be all day. Especially tomorrow when we get to consume insane amounts of food and justify wearing stretchy pants, wheeeeeeeeee!

Someday I’m going to have such a pretty house, I won’t need a photo studio. “hi client, just come over and explore my house while I picture you”. And it’ll be cool, not nearly as creepy as it sounded.

I hate when people aren’t honest. It’s probably my biggest gripe. Especially if I confront you first, or admit my wrongdoings. It’s shady, and irritating, and it makes me want to punch your vagueness in the teeth. Hi, this is me being vague back, take that.

I get to clean a house today that’s not mine! *dance, dance*. It’s like Christmas morning for my OCD.

I hate turkey. Haaaaaaaaaaate it. I can tolerate the deep fried turkey if it’s smothered in gravy and promises to hide under the stuffing. Mostly on Thanksgiving, I quickly turn vegetarian and eat all the side dishes and pie.

My friend got a white-ink tattoo this week, and after seeing it in person IT’S ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. I want this so bad:

Only "grace", or "rugged grace" maybe.

I discovered Boyce Avenue this week. Holy swoooooooooooon.

I wish it were impossible to cut people out of your life. Though I’m guilty of it all of twice, I think you should have to keep them in your life forever, even just as a foreshadow. Like a scar. Especially for those that do it all the time, with ease, as if it doesn’t affect anybody.

There are days I debate no longer blogging. Or Twittering. Or Facebooking. Not because nobody is listening, but because I worry everybody is listening. But I write to feel. And whether I do it to be heard, or to feel better, I like the vulnerability that comes with is.

I love being a mom. I love bragging about my kids, I love having little people that will cuddle with me more willingly than anything else in the house. I love feeling needed, and needing them. I love their eyelashes when they’re sleeping.

I want to get better at soups. I’ve conquered gravy, I can cook like a madoman over a hot stove, but soups intimidate me entirely. You get bonus points this week, for leaving a comment with tips or recipes.



6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: #16! Just because everybody is thankful today, does NOT mean I don’t get to use sarcasm.

  1. I guess I won’t get bonus points, because I’m not much of a cook and can’t help you out on the soup thing! Although, I absolutely LOVE a good, chunky, flavorful homemade soup!

    I had never heard of a WHITE tattoo, until you posted ‘hers’. I want one tooooo! I’ve been craving another tattoo as well, but with color n all, I like mine in a ‘non so public’ place. And with WHITE? I have several ideas BURSTING for my body!

    Keep being blunt. Whether on FB, Twitter or YOUR blog…only then, will you continue to grow into the amazing individual that you already are!

    And finally….’sticky bras’? Am I missing something here? 😉

  2. I could eat soup all winter long. Like everyday in the cold chilly months. I even collect soup recpieces, problem may just been solved. My guys are not soup peaple so never make. Now I have a fellow family member who is a soup person we might get to try out some soups and share. *****happy dance.
    I am also doing a happy dance about your OCD self cleaning.
    I to do not like that peaple say one thing and do not follow through with it.
    I personally only like turkey once a year and that is it. This beening the reason why I always cook more then one meat.

  3. Annnnnd now I’m going to spend the whole day scoping out car mirrors, trying to find some that look like they belong on boobs so I can text you and be like OH MY HELL

    I totally get where you’re going with the idea that we should have to keep around the people we cut out of our lives, just as a way to learn from them & be wise & all that good stuff…. but dude, where would we put our people we’ve cut out? I can’t speak for yours, but mine would just get in the way of all the awesome that’s rushed in since they’ve been gone, and people would be tripping & falling & flailing around, and then there’d be all this negativity swirling around, and just ew.

    &: HAPPY THANKSGIVING VACATION, OMG <3! I can't wait to do Thanksgiving with you in two daaaaays!

  4. OH MY GOD DUDE!!! DO IT!!!! Mine is starting to heal, and while it is sort of scary red around the letters that HAVEN’T healed, it is amaaaaazingly awesome around the ones that have sort of healed and exactly what I wanted. Although, I think that in that picture you posted, the girls is fresh because it is raised up like that and now mine is sort of flattened out. But DOOOO ITTTTTTT!!! OMG OMG!!! I wish I could post a picture of it RIGHT HERE!!!

    Also, I agree with Ashley about cutting people out. ALTHOUGH, I do keep this one person as a friend on facebook just to make sure they are still stupid and that I made the right choice in not talking to them. Sort of refreshing to look and see how they have done NOTHING with their life STILL. It makes me feel less anxious about where I am. But people come and go for reasons. I dunno. That sounds too cliche. I’m rambling.


  5. Don’t quit your word ramblings! 🙂 I too feel that words allow me to release, soak in, realize my emotional self–I’m just not as good as it as you–so I thoroughly enjoy your thoughts! 🙂

    Also, I agree that you can never really cut people out–people may fade in and out of our lives, but they leave their imprint on our hearts…sometimes scars, but it’s still there, whether we decide to learn, become bitter or embrace those people and those scars is up to us…..love your words love you!

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