No-Diet November – An Experiment. Or so it seems.

“Yes, I’m eating right. No, I’m not on a diet.”

Every year, all year long, I try to watch what I eat. Not necessarily because I need to. I’m a size 6 on my “fat days”, I’ve had two kids, and despite my worst efforts, have a high metabolism. For now. I watch what I eat, not TO look good, but to prevent looking bad. I mean eventually, luck runs out, right? For the first time since having kids, I lost track of caring in November. I pretended like I didn’t care what I was eating, and delved into Thanksgiving like never before.

I ate my heart out at both family Thanksgivings, twice, and then had dessert about it.
I’ve eaten fast food. And large sized the meals.
I’ve snacked.
I’ve grazed.
I’ve eaten late.
I’ve eaten sweets.
I’ve drank soda.
I’ve drank alcohol, mixed with sugary drinks.
I’ve skipped my veggies and vitamins.

I didn’t weigh myself before this expedition, and I won’t weigh myself after. I don’t own a scale.
However, things were learned, lemmetellyawhat. My digestive system is pissed. I’m tired a lot. The skin on my face is on it’s own cute little protest. And to be quite forthcoming, the odors (including but not limited to gas, bad breath) are disgusting.

I’ve learned that my healthy choices aren’t just being made for my future, or to keep my cute waistline, or even just to prevent future problems. My healthy choices really do affect my entire body, every single day.

Basically, in summary, I don’t like the flip side of indulging constantly. I found some benefits to weight gain, even if it was minimal.

My choices will go back to healthy in approximately 36 hours, for both my mental and physical sanity. Can I tell you something though? Curvy women are stunning to me. I find myself envying their bold accents. And even though it sounds cliche, gorgeousness oozes from the inside out. If you’re eating right, if you’re healthy, if your insides are not pissed off like mine, and you’re not a size 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12? You’re still absolutely perfect. Curves come in all sizes; illuminated by what’s oozing from you.

Fit is a lifestyle. But I think if you’re doing it “wrong”, and your not the right size, your body will tell you so in its own way.

Yours Truly,

PS! What SHOULD this girl eat in the next 24 hours before leaping back into salad and not-fried things?


3 thoughts on “No-Diet November – An Experiment. Or so it seems.

  1. GET ANOTHER MC-COKE CUP, first and foremost.
    Second? Chick-Fil-A with a large-size sweet tea. And maybe a peppermint shake, because they’re only around once a year.

    And cheese sticks!

  2. Yes! I think you are spot-on with this post. Have you heard of intuitive eating? It’s a technique similar to what you describe, eating what and how your body needs without thinking about what you “should” be doing instead.

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