I blog because.

Blogging is one of those words quickly associated with nerds. I learned that last night on a rerun of NCIS. And I’m ok with that.

I ask myself a lot why I blog. I wonder, sometimes, if I’m too involved on the internet; too connected. I ponder if I put too much of me out there, sharing intimate details with friends and strangers. Sometimes, I think that my blog audience is too large for some of the things I share. And I wonder from time to time if my posts will offend, start fires, create gossip, hurt feelings, or expose me and my family to a lesser good.

And then I remember that I’m not blogging for you guys. I’m blogging for me.

I write to create a wildfire of words.
I vent to make my soul feel better.
I attempt to make an impact with every post.
I write to have permanent record; reassurance.
I’m surprised, pleased, shocked, and comforted by how many people read my posts.
I hope to make a difference, even if it’s only in me.

I don’t necessarily write to ignite other people every time, I spew words all over the place to set my insides on metaphoric fire.

I make mistakes. I overshare. I cuss sometimes. I like and probably overuse CapsLock. My grammar and spelling ain’t perfect. But I love to write, and the rush that comes immediately after hitting “publish”, is reason enough to keep writing.

That being said, I’m out to discover. Why do you guys blog? Do you have one that I don’t follow yet?

Changing me one blog at a time,


2 thoughts on “I blog because.

  1. I blog to VENT. I do like when you use CAPITAL LETTERS with me, because then I GET THE POINT! 😉

    This is YOUR blog. Be blunt. Say what you feel. Write how you feel. Let those words spew/splat all over your blog. Say what you mean…whether someone thinks it’s ‘mean’ or not.

    I for one, appreciate your forewardness. You grow stronger, every time you write what you really want to write.

    Just DO IT!

  2. You my friend blog because your love of words, and the fact that you have this amazing talent to put those words into a string of lines that read like music. You share this with the rest of the world because your love of family, your love for your daughters, your in love, and the great power to be able to show many of us life is really not that bad, And that our world is really a great place to live in. Many of us have been moved to tears or to change some of our ways.

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