Wordy Wednesday: 17! …also HOLY CRAP

I was seriously sitting here at my desk, thinking to myself, “I have literally ran out of internet, which means it’s either time for blogging or Pinterest“, and then my head exploded like *OMFG IT’S WEDNESDAY I DON’T EVEN NEED TO THINK HARD TO BLOG*.

I have exactly six whole days to start Christmas shopping. That's a LOT. More than last year, anyway. I'm more panicky that there's only 16 days left in the year to make something of it, than I am Christmas.

I have really mixed feelings about Santa letters. You know the ones that you write in to some place, and they write your kiddo a letter supplying all the details you provided so it's so shockingly accurate that your kid believes Santa really wrote it? Or the video messages? My CSI-watching-inner-freak just imagines the serial killer on the other end of those websites collecting all of that information on small children and then starting to eliminate them. SICK right?! But I can't get past it enough to try it. But if you DO want to try something cool, one of my best friends sent me this link this week, and I hear it's amazing if you're not a freakmom: The Santa Video

I use capital letters more often than not. They’re my new favorite thing ever. EVER.

Some days, the bitterness wins. The bitterness that comes along with toxic friendships, exhusbands, pain in the yoohoo parents and parents of friends. But it’s quite the triumph I think, that any bitterness in my life is absolutely temporary. Or at least, only as permanent as I allow it. It’s sort of like…I can stay in my pajamas all day Sunday if I want. Not every day, but Sunday yes. You can’t win every single day, and still win at life! *clap, clap*

I love that a middle eastern gentleman moved to the middle of nowhere Wyoming to start up a rundown gas station, and no matter how many times we tell him that I’ve moved away, and definitely not my best friend’s sister, he disagrees and tells us otherwise. “no no no, you’re wrong, your sisters, you tease me.” We really are soul sisters.

My soul sister, this picture was taken...4 years ago?

People that don’t put their kiddos first, immediately fall into last place in my book. You’re raising a child, not an inconvenience.

One of my bests blogged today, about mini cheeseburgers and love-that-is-for-real. Get thee to there: Happiness is Tiny Cheeseburgers.

My boss is awesomesauce today. He not only let me do some personal work, he proofread it for me, and then metaphorically patted me on the back.

I’m starting to get a sick satisfaction over the “unsubscribe” button on Facebook. I can still be your friend WITHOUT SEEING YOUR YAWN OR DRAMA POSTS.

Today is busy, this week is insane, so the bus stops here. Y’all have a great week! ❤



3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: 17! …also HOLY CRAP

  1. Thanks I need that. Having one of those, “whole world fell into hell” days. I broke down crying last night and my 4 year old came over and patted me on that back saying it will be.okay mommy. Lol love being a mom and your right our kids are what really matter. They keep me going no matter how hard a day gets.

  2. Aww, love, thanks for the blog-love! <3! You make me happier than if a truck pulled up in front of my house & was full of happiness and chocolate-chip cookie dough.

    Also? It's a crying shame that you, me and Alicia have never had a night out trio style. Ever. We should fix that. Add that to our list under "get schmammered and go dancing."

  3. thanx… I needed to get off the bus for a bit and get my feet firmly planted on the ground.

    May I suggest, when you have a need for bitter, try a nice 60% dark cocoa bar… like Ghiradelli!

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