Ch-ch-chaaaaaaaanges. Stoopid Facebook. Stoopid Me.

Last week, I decided to be for once ahead of the pack, and switch to the new “timeline” Facebook is implementing. Did you know that as of December 22nd, you’ll be next?
I made the change, thinking I’d make myself comfortable with them before all the whining and hoopla started this week. I thought I could be helpful by knowing my way around when everybody else was like *PANIC AND FLAIL ARMS* Plus, if I get it over with this week, I can avoid the millions of whiners when I take a Facebook sabbatical for Christmas! Planning, win!

And while I still think the change was a productive thing to do on my part, it made me realize Oh hey!, I’m not as techygeeky as I thought. Why…, you ask?
Because I seriously always assumed there was an end to the internet. A capacity to Facebook. That once my pictures, updates, status’s, new friends, and wall posts got buried far enough down to roll off, that Facebook simply deleted them.

Au Contraire, Mon Frère.

When you change to the new Facebook timeline, it has in there an entire history of you since the day that you were born kid you not. Of course, only what you put out there, is out there. But if your sister listed you as born in 1983 on her profile, it’s there. And then every update that you’ve ever put out there and not deleted yourself, is there. So in the year of 2007 when my life was going through crisis mode and I was being all emo-melodramatic, NOW PEOPLE WILL KNOW. Well, except that I just went through and deleted and rearranged and bleached the place. …all the more reason to switch over early.

So there, be forewarned. Contrary to what my afternoon web-surfing self thought, no matter how hard you try to get there, there is indeed no end to the internet.

A friendly, and less than brilliant reminder that what you put out there, likely stays out there.

If you don’t have a CLUE what I’m talking about, and we’re Facebook friends, get thee to my profile! ♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like MySpace ♫



5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-chaaaaaaaanges. Stoopid Facebook. Stoopid Me.

  1. Oh, my darlin’, you know as well as I do that we’re a beautiful collage of mosaic-like proportions; even the sharp edges from back in the day get smoothed out & still manage to work into the masterpieces we’ve got all around us now.

    But, you know, I’d totally like to go back and whisper to my past self about how much fun is in store. And how a girl named Naomi was going to show up and sparkle my life ❤

  2. Yeah I know. Every time I’ve gone to your page recently, I was like “get me outta here! I don’t like the looks of this new Facecrack!”

    So I shall wait, as long as I possibly can. Enjoy the ‘icky’ confusion of your page!

  3. Lol a good greif lesson I learned last year. My company is an advide stocker of Facebook. Be careful of what you say. Even or maybe especially if it is the truth.

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