Santa is SO real. SO.

Yesterday one of my best friends called me, and reported that her oldest daughter (same age as my oldest – 6/7) came home from school reporting that a classmate had busted the Santa bubble. He’d clarified that no, Santa doesn’t exist, because he’s not in the bible.

Naturally, her daughter wasn’t happy about it, and as a mom, it was hard to react out of surprise. So she called HER mom, who said, “Well, you’re real, and your name isn’t in the bible either”.

Regardless of there being two younger siblings in the house to keep Santa alive for, she wanted to keep the magic of Christmas around for at least another year, and it came as no surprise that her mom’s logic won this war.

As a mom with kiddos barely still toddlers, thriving on the magic of “Elf on a Shelf, Santa Claus, and twinkling Christmas lights, I’ve been worrying already this year that the public school will trainwreck our magic.

Being already paranoid about it, then hearing of her tale, it got my head spinning around a deeper conversation with her, and a blog transpired. Hi!, here, halfway down the page, comes the real deal!

Santa Claus - Borrowed Image

“Santa’s name is not in the Bible. But neither is your name, and you’re real.” This is THE best thing I’ve ever heard, as far as capturing some magic and defending it for as long as possible. But then we decided, Santa IS in the Bible, at least as much as we are. Santa Claus is hiding behind every good deed that’s done without expectation. Santa is in the coins that you toss in the Salvation Army buckets. Santa is the people slaving away at Kmart Layaway on Christmas Eve so you can get your presents in time for Christmas. Santa is in your gorgeously addressed Christmas Cards – in the generosity that you’re pouring into them with kind words and a surprise in somebody’s mailbox. Santa isn’t what happens under the tree, Santa is the magic that keeps people giving & loving. Santa is that feeling that hits down in those toes when you see snow for the first time. Santa is what brings you to tears when you’re watching a light show like this one.

Regardless of your faith, traditions, age or gender, I refuse to believe that there isn’t something around Christmas that strikes deep and makes you feel magic and twinkly and emotional and profound – more often than ever.

Some people call Santa, Jesus. Some people call him St. Nick. Some people call him “Angel”. I think as we grow older, Santa takes on a more mature belief and name, but really, the magic is all the same.

I believe in Santa; I believe in Christmas.

Yours Truly,
Nomz …inspired by Alicia


4 thoughts on “Santa is SO real. SO.

  1. You’re right, we are all Santa each and every day. Matthew 25:40 “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!'” ❤

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