I realize I’m an adult when…

I use the term adult lightly. I think by claiming to be one, you’re immediately held to this expectation of maturity. At 28, there are still days where I have room to work on that. I mean I still do things like this:

So, I’m not necessarily an adult, but growing up, and getting to the age that…

*Curtains and Mixers are exciting! For Christmas this year I got a new mixer to decorate my countertop and inspire me to learn to bake, and curtains for my windows, and I was more excited about those two things than, say, a LeapFrog learning center, a Pillow Pet, or the latest Spice Girls album. It was actually the day I asked for a vacuum for Christmas a few years ago that gave me the “OMG WHO AM I” moment.

I get to choose when I get up to pee. Kid you not, I will lay in bed and try to decide how bad I need to go, or if it can wait until morning. I no longer have a rule that I have to go brush my teeth, hair, and use the bathroom before clammering into my warm bed and refuse to move. And I can stay up as late as I want.

I’m tired. All the time, at THE most embarrassing times of the night. Like, 8:30 for example. *shutters*

If I don’t want to eat my vegetables, I don’t hafta. I can actually pick through my plate and leave them tidely off to one side, without a single “only three more bites and we’ll have a deal.” deal.

I can throw tantrums. Granted, it looks even more ridiculous than when my six year old does it, but still.

I like coffee. And whiskey. And candy. Sometimes all at the same time. AND I get to choose my limit.

I can sleep in! Well, actually I can’t. Which is an even greater point. My time clock literally JUST starting occurring and thinking it can have a routine all it’s own; ironic, now that I don’t HAVE to get up on Saturdays.

I can watch Zombieland and eat chili and hot dogs and tatertots at 9pm. Granted, the suffering induced (See: Bad dreams, indigestion, stomach pains from LOLing too late at night…) brought back a really cute “I tollllllllllllld you so” mom voice in my head.

I have THE best arguments ever against my toddlers. “Because I’m an adult that’s why. When you’re my age, you can too.”

I can cuss! Point & case.

And while these are all really, really great things…I sure do miss the days that I didn’t have to work. That I could blame my mother for everything. The days when my breakfasts were made before my feet hit the floor, my bills were paid for me, and I didn’t know what anguish, brokenhearted and betrayal felt like.

I sure do love feeling life though, don’t you?


5 thoughts on “I realize I’m an adult when…

  1. Welcome to the ‘real world’! No rules (necessarily), except living, loving and enjoying things the way YOU want to!

    Glad you have the GUTS to ‘break the cycle’ of how we are ‘suppose to live’, based on what/how our parents, grandparents etc did.

    Live long and drink lots of whiskey! 😉

  2. Welcome to the life of responsibility!!! Now, most people associate a very stern meaning to responsibility, but really it means taking one into account for things. Not only does it mean supporting oneself, but it also means you can choose how to make the MOST of said life. If it’s steak and veggies or chili cheese fries for dinner, that’s totally up to you. = ) and, If I could jump like the photo at my Ag, I would! Now I just break out into wild fits of dancing and singing when the right song comes on! And there is nothing wrong with getting excited over a home or kitchen accessory or gadget… It’s totally fine to be a feminine gearhead! And if anyone tells you it’s wrong, then it’s perfectly fine to throw a tantrum… right then and there = ) you have my permission.

  3. First I LOVE what coco had to say!!! Second I love that you are excited about an awesome mixer and curtains!!! Seriously I got a pack of sewing needles in my stocking and was THRILLED!!! Thirdly I love that you can jump like a rock star and that you inspire me with your youness! 🙂 Lastly Jason was explaining to the kids a couple weeks ago that while yes mommy is a girl she is called a woman, and I mentally cringed! You would think 4 1/2 kids later that I would be used to thinking of myself in those terms, but I’m not! Heck I still read Nancy Drew and believe in fairies when the mood strikes, so be proud and know that you are not alone! 🙂

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