Ink Love!

First, I’d like to welcome to my blog, the person that searched Google today for “side tattoos for chunky girls”. Bless you, welcome aboard, and please PLEASE find Pinterest as soon as possible, you gorgeous, brave girl. PS! Let me know what you find!

Actually, pretty girl who googled, you inspired this post. I actually logged in for my routine check of the blogs I follow, to see what everybody was up to. And then, because my inner-number-nerd is always curious, I checked my stats, and then went to blog about my Kindergartner because it’s her first day back after vacation, and it’s all I can think about. And THEN, you inspired me to think ink. So thaaaaaaanks for that distraction!

"Love" between angel wings; sketched on me and my sister! ❤

I’m determined this year to get more ink. I’ve been saying it for two, and well, that’s just ridiculous. I’ve got so many ideas, like this gorgeous phoneix drawn up for my ribcage, my entire ribcage. I’ve got a shoulder quote, a feather, and a white-ink quote for a wrist tattoo all planned. If one happens this year, I’ll be happy.

I’ve been asked by quite a few people if I think I’ll regret later in life, being absolutely covered in ink. And of course, I think for a while about the what, but not ever the if. Of course it’s permanent. And of course our generation of plugged ears and tattoos will be the goofiest looking old people of all time. But will body art ever cause me regret?

After much debate with myself, especially on the wrist tattoo that will always be word for all the professional and unprofessional world to see, the answer is no.

I wear my regrets, my feelings, my heart, my emotions, and my life lessons out all the time, in the way I dress, my posture, my ever-changing hair color and style. My scars on my arms and head, my stretch marks on my belly, and my natural over-reactive, anxious personality. The way I react to things on a daily basis makes me who I am. Those tattoos that represent what I’m most passionate about, aren’t permanent or cause of prejudgment any more than the rings on my fingers, the plugs in my ears, or the emotion in my eyes.

Granted, you’ll never see me tattoo a fish on my forehead, but goodness, if that curvy girl gets a pretty side tattoo, or my friend with the blue hair changes it green tomorrow, I’m a better person for knowing them. The most beautiful people in this world are the ones that where their passions where their hearts are, their honesty on their sleeves, and I’m proud to be one of them.

Do you have tattoos? Any in the works? Which one has the most meaning?

Inked and Inspired,


12 thoughts on “Ink Love!

  1. Ok I dont have any tats, I do though still have a bellybutton ring that I have proudly worn through all of my pregnancies and when I am completely done after this one and my middle is back in shape I will show it off every now and then! Jason has one, my brothers have them and my dad has several. My mom even got her first, that she designed, when she was in her 40s. I think they are beautiful most of the time and if you get something you love, that represents a part of who the beautiful you is, then it is worth it! And just so you know your comment about posture had me immediately straightening up in my chair! LOL Please get another one this year! 🙂

  2. I think you pretty much KNOW my view on tattoos. :D. Like who doesn’t?! But I agree that I won’t regret them when I’m older. Like, they will just be wrinkly reminders of my days as a non-rebel of my generation. Plus, I like being able to cover up the parts of my body that I don’t like. Or that I do like, with pretty art. Haha! You tell your google friend that I definitely have a side tattoo and I’m definitely chunky and she should DO IT NOW!!!!! <3!! Chubby girls need tattoos, too!

    ANNYYYWWAAYYY, my next plan is an american idiot half sleeve. OMG why can't I draw?!?!??? Can I PLZ PLZ go with you when you get your next one?! Because I SOOOO x infinity want to!!! OMG!!!! Why don't we live closer?!!????

    <3!! (ps, we were totally thinking on the same wavelength today, cause I sent you an email about tattoos WAY earlier!!!)

  3. I agree that if you give the ink location, size, quote, picture….or ‘what have you’ enough serious thought, then just do it. It’s your choice. It’s your body. It will always remind you of that special time, that special reason and the pain you went through during the tat session. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Do I have any…LOL… FUNNNEEEEEE So yeah I have a few. Do I regret them??? So I was just thinking about that the other day. I regret that the hands down best artist in town (still IMO) is the one who did them and is also my ex. I don’t regret the ex part, the sad truth is though…when I get to the point of finishing what I’ve got started I’m going to have to do a LOT of searching for someone to do them. I also kinda freak out anytime I even THINK about going to another shop in town for anything, even the jewelry I got last week made me ill shopping for them SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! So that said there’s one last thing that crossed my mind. I’m standing in Dillard’s helping folks out for this or that and I see a couple gals I knew when, way back when during some crazy times that I’d rather not think about and it struck me. They–womever they are– will always remember that I’m the one with “that” tattoo who was married to THAT guy. What they remember isn’t something I’m proud of and had I not been tattooed in such a way or whatever, maybe I could be anonymous to them too?

    I LOVE not being anonymous because of them, but sometimes when you don’t really want to think about the girl you were when… They are hard to handle. I LOVE though when old ladies dig on my dragon and when customers tell someone about who helped them and my name excapes them so they say, that cute little gal with the tattoos. I do LOVE that. SIGH

    • You’re my favorite work of art, Sara. Your tats are incredible, as much as your journey and I think you should wear every single one of them proudly for that reason!

      The horse one though, needs to be finished. And I also need to work on finding a different extraordinary artist, because let’s face it, my loyalties are with you! Let’s face that challenge together?!

  5. I LOVE my tattoos, and don’t have a single regret. I got my first one when I was 45+ years old…on my boob. Poor tattoo artist..seeing 45+ year old boobs…but’s what I wanted. It is a rose, with vines, going thru a heart. I then went back two years later and got one on my ankle. It is not complete, but then, I am not done being a Grammy. When I decide to go back will contain my grandbabies initials in the vines. The guy that did mine…has done tattoos on Mickey Rourke..when he was hot (Mickey..not the tattoo guy!!). Three years ago, my daughter and I went here in Cheyenne to BadAss Tattoo..and yes, I would go back..and got HOPE on our necks. It is in Chinese. It has been “our word” since I was diagnosed with Cancer the very first time. I HOPE it never comes back. Unfortunately..I go to the oncologist on Tuesday…for Cancer number 5. I HOPE it never comes back!!

  6. I have one… Lady Liberty between my shoulder blades. I don’t see it often but when I do get a glimpse of it, I’m reminded of my daddy & all the fun we had in NYC together.

    Next one: a stargazer Lily… for well… Lily, of course. 🙂

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