I’m a hug-a-phobe.

Because, if I’m going to go weeks or days without blogging, we should start it back up with a feel good blog, right?

I hate hugs. I mean I used to hate hugs.

I'm the one in the middle, cringing.

My family hugs enough, so we can’t blame my upbringing. I mean, if you’ve never hugged my dad, you don’t understand what a hug is. Or my grandma. ♫ They’re the two best huggers that anyone could have…♫ (Ref: The Hangover, lolz)
I love hearing affection, so we can’t blame that either.

I’m just not a touchy-feely girl. I hate germs, and I hate how in order to feel hugged, you also have to feel another body. I tend to shy away from handshakes, cuddling, and massages. Feet, especially, are better left on the other side of the room.

That being said, after three years of having an excited hugfestival best friend:

She's the cute blond that just got married, but this is an every-chance-we-get occurance.

And three years of having a guy that is most excellent at wrapping me up and never letting me go:


as WELL as his family who hugs for everything all the time without reason or warning…

I’ve gotten over it.

All of a sudden, I’ve gone from a bone-deep fear and cringe of hugs, to looking forward to them, giving them, and enjoying them.

And while I could give all the credit to the people surrounding me, I think it’s mostly these two that have done it:

BUT PS: Hug me via text message, or with your feet, and be not offended at my cringe and complaint. 😉


4 thoughts on “I’m a hug-a-phobe.

  1. I am a HUGE hugger! I hug my family (& your family too!) ;). I hug my customers. I hug my bosses. I hug my girlfriends. I hug random people that I just met.

    Sometimes a HUG, will make a persons day, week or month. Maybe they haven’t been ‘touched’ in a while. Maybe they need just one HUG to cure a case of the blues. Maybe that one HUG, will be their last… A HUG feels good, makes pain go away, bonds friendships and just makes a person smile. I do ‘read’ a person ahead of time…just in case they aren’t a hugger. And I always HUG within the written ‘national hug boundary’ guidelines…;)

    But if you know me or are my friend, watch out….HUGS ALL AROUND!!!!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha. We are a family of huger P/S. many years ago Darrell and his parents were the same way. But after countless hugs we wore them down and now Darrell is a huger too. Love getting your hugs. Getting hugs from the girls can make a bad day great.

  3. I’m a hugger!!! I love to give and recieve them. My kids also love to give them. My family is used to me and my random affection. My customers got used to my hugs as has Jasons family! 🙂 I think I have most people around me worn down to the idea of me except my sister in law who avoids my hugs like the plague! LOL
    That being said, I used to just hug when someone else initiated it. Then one day I was in walmart and started a random conversation with a lady who was looking at kids clothes at the same time I was( which of course translated into she wanted to talk to me! ) She was depressed, so I ended up giving her a hug, which in turn made her cry, but hang on to me as if her life depended on it. Long story short, she REALLY needed some positive affection and the hug did that for her. I dont look at hugging the same anymore. I dont hug just every random stranger, or most old men ( long story about butt grabbers) but sometimes it just makes the world of difference.
    I’m glad your on the “other side” now! Love you! :0)

  4. <– has grand plans to hug the HELL outta you for years and years to come, because after all, we're just getting started and there's so much !!!!!!!!!! ahead for us both.
    Also, shrieking.

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