“Does God have TV’s for us in Heaven?”

Just a simple question from the inquiring minds in the backseat.

Windows down, Sugarland playing, a breezy; carefree drive home from our day. The girls in the backseat, 5 & 7, discussing their favorite cartoons, wondering if God, in all of his preparations, remembered the TV.

I responded with, “no babes, God has so much in store for us that we don’t NEED TV’s! And besides, it’d be REALLY hard to carry all of those big TV’s up there, right?!”*commence epic upward sky gazing*

After a few minutes, my oldest says, “mom, do you know FOR SURE that He doesn’t have TV’s? You’ve BEEN there before.”, to which I said, “No, I’ve never been there baby, you only go there once you’ve died.”
“Nuuuh Uhhhhhh MOM, you said God makes babies and puts them in mommy’s tummy, so you were in heaven before you got THERE. If that’s not what really happens, than that’s not how babies are made. How are babies MADE, mom?!”


As a bit of a backstory, I put on Twitter this week that I was feeling all emotional and pissy and RAWRy and while most females SHOULD assume the opposite, a handful and a half of people were like OMGZ CONGRATULATIONS YOU’RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So when I put a panicky status on my Facebook about my child asking where babies are made, PEOPLE ASKED ME FOR MORE BABIES.

I’m hoping blogging this adora-story helps people realize that:

#1. I’m not ready to be faced with how babies are made, and simply told them that I’ll explain things when they’re older, and cranked up their latest favorite Carrie Underwood tune.
#2. I’m not having ANY MORE GRANDBABIES. Or ok, at least for a few more years. Okaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy? THEY COME WITH TOO MANY QUESTIONS YOU GUYS.
#3. I love my family and friends with all of their hilarity and support.




5 thoughts on ““Does God have TV’s for us in Heaven?”

  1. BUT IS THERE FACEBOOK/TWITTER/WORDPRESS IN HEAVEN is the REALLY important question. Also, maybe you should just get a, you know, henna tattoo on your forehead that says “no more babies, kaythx.” In henna, just in case. Just so people know. People STILL ask me why I’ve already been married for so long and don’t have kids. AGGRAVATING!!!!! ANYWAY, I’m going to go with the most obvious advice which is just lie to them. Like for example, The Post office or UPS guy could deliver babies. See, then the term “deliver” still makes since and has context. I mean, our parents all lied and we are all just fine. It’s the best way to go :D. Haha! Love you Nomz!!!!!!!

  2. Let’s just make your friends have babies and lots of them! That will satisfy any grandpa/grandma cravings. And you can babysit alot! 😉

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