Once upon a throne, clean!

The room I hate to clean the most is the bathroom. It’s not the germs, it’s not the toilet, it’s not the yoga poses you have to get yourself into in order to get all the nooks, crannies, and bathtub walls without getting wet. I hate it, because I can scrub it for an hour, and always find a way to miss something.

My motivation to clean the bathroom almost always comes from sitting on the pot. From that throne, I can see my sink, floor, tub, walls, doorknobs, mirrors, the back of my blue bathroom door, window frame, and accessories throughout. It’s there that I glare, seeing that last week I missed a corner, or almost alwaysALWAYS a shelf in the shower. I’m a bit of a shampoo & conditioner whore, and it’s sort of like…dusting around books instead of under.

The only time I ever want to maneuver myself around that stupid wet, cleaner-filled tub is when I’m IN the shower already wet, and not until last week while Pinteresting did I know I could!

Keep one in the shower – fill it with a mixture of half vinegar and half Dawn dishsoap. Wipe down the shower while you are in there and your shower will always be clean!

THIS THIS magical beast is one of my favorite things I’ve ever found on Pinterest. I filled it with lavender dish soap and vinegar, a half and half mixture, and it sits and actually looks really freaking cute on the edge of my tub. And it smells amazing! Every time I take a shower, I pick a corner. I still yoga-scrub my tub, but less of often and it’s SO much less tedious because everything is so shiny and clean and happy and NOT skipped over. A big bonus for me though, was that it was safe for my kids and pets to be around all the time. I don’t mind the occasional ammonia hulk cleaners, but it seems like that’s the ONLY thing on the shelves to get a bathroom clean these days. Natural cleansers, ahoy!

Now, to discover how to get the house to dust itself.

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3 thoughts on “Once upon a throne, clean!

  1. Sponges in the shower and kitchen creep me out. I cant stop thinking about the molecules of germs lurking in them. I am sure I handed that weird OCD to you, didnt I? However, I have cleaned my shower with hot vinegar mixed with dawn dish soap for a few years and it is magical. I mix the amount I need for one cleaning (1/2 cup hot vinegar and 1/3 cup Dawn), spray it on the walls, leave it an hour or even overnight, then rinse it without any scrubbing.

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