I was watching a comedy this week, and it’s killing me that I can’t remember which show…but the girl was writing a blog and somebody asked her why she did it. She said that bloggers are people that wish they could be what they wrote about. Most of them are bipolar hypochondriacs living in basements, or people that want to better their life but can’t so they blog about it instead. Do you think that’s true? I don’t. I write blogs in hopes of bettering somebody else’s, to give fresh perspective, and maaaaaaybe to vent from time to time. Writing is an outlet for me, and doing it publicly keeps me in check.

That being said, I find there’s no better way to reconnect with my writing than to kick it off with a random note full of word vomit and wild opinions and advice, or the begging for them. A lot of these are tidbits of inspiration from conversations I’ve had on Facebook this week, so I’m sorry if it’s repetitive. I want to remember them though.

I’m against “Wellness Coaches.” There. I said it. I think that everybody deserves that title that takes it upon themselves to be a good friend, to seek success and happiness – and share the things learned with those that are stumbling. I don’t think that because you’re good at advice, and have had the time to read all the right books to hand out that advice, that you should get a fancy title and come with a fee. Happiness and wellness is something everybody deserves and if you hold keys to that, share dammit.

Does going to church improve your life?If you’re going for selfish reasons, no. I don’t think so. If you’re going to learn something about your faith, morals, and to be tested on both? Absolutely. Having faith in something has saved me from myself more times than I can count – but it means surrendering your selfishness.

My first grader came home with the sight-words “Tough” and “Though”, and asked me to explain why they sound different. I told her even THOUGH we’d like it to, THOUGH isn’t TOUGH enough to make the FFFFF sound 😀 *takes a bow…falls off stage…lets teachers take over*

Is the word “bully” overused? I feel like we’re getting too sensitive. Too fragile. Too breakable. And because of my heavy involvement in a suicide prevention program, I see the affects of both the increase in fragility in our society – and the bullying. People are mean. Kids are mean because people are mean. It’s starting younger and it’s problematic because defending yourself is considered out line. I’m walking a fine line between telling my kids to be tough and stand up for themselves, and avoiding trouble by telling them to tattle. I gave a friend advice this week, encouraging her that we have to start from the ground up and teach them that love battles meanness, that self confidence battles humiliation, that a safe home battles a mean classroom. But when faced with it with it in my own kids, it’s an emotional trainwreck. My want to protect them tends to overpower my ability to follow my own advice. At what point do we call it “bullying”, and when do we know it’s the right time to tell them “get up, brush it off, and tell them to kick rocks.”?

I hate neglected friendships. Everybody says that losing friends is part of the journey. Everybody changes and a lot of friendships break because you change as people – blameless. I have a hard time with that. It’s sort of like saying that because trees get bigger and thicker and leafier and branchier that you have to cut it at the trunk at some point. If it’s groomed, it lives forever. It withstands droughts, neglect, change.
I’m at that point with a friendship, where there’s only so much of a void that I could probably continue to neglect it and we’d go on being buttom-rung friends, or I could cut if off and move on – plant new ones and learn from my mistakes…or nurture it back to health. It is amazing the pain that comes with limbo-voids. It seems fear driven, threatened by honesty. And too easily we take the easy way out.

I love my second “job”! On a much lighter note, my photography has really taken off, thanks to some incredible clients and friends! I can’t WAIT to start a section on this blog about some of my recent sessions! I hope I never ever get used to the fact that people like my work enough to pay me for it. It makes me feel all awkward and blush-y, but it also has me yearning to learn more, the most that I possibly can, to continue to deliver THEIR captured moments. It’s the most humbling thing I’ve ever done, and the first thing that’s really shoved me in a direction. What a thrilling ride, that. Here’s a couple of my favorites (and you can see the rest on my photography page: Rugged Grace Photography!

I feel like my writing just did a fancy yoga pose. It felt good to stretch these fingers across a keyboard again, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this stuff! It’s amazing how much we all doubt and stumble, it’s MORE amazing to see us all better each other.

Yours always,


8 thoughts on “*sssssssstretch*

  1. Good blog…they generally always are though! BTW I like a friendship that can stand to take on the void and then pick up down the road when the time is right…or when it’s NEEDED. I have one of those in Denver… She picks up for me and I for her even if we haven’t spoken for…well YEARS even. Those are the best ones IMO. Love the ones you see all the time and tell everything to all the time etc.. etc… but those other ones who are more like family than friends, to me THOSE are the stuff.

    • I totally agree! I’ve got a couple friends, long distance especially, where we take breaks then pick up right where we left off! In fact, I’ve got one that her and I went a few years without talking because life got so busy, and then we were like OH HEYYYYYYYY BFFFFFFFFF!”. I totally think it’s doable. I think it’s the ones that have voids because of an awkward ending, or awkward…transition – those are the ones that leave me dangly.

  2. I agree….”Welcome back!” I always look forward to your blogs!

    Two things:
    #1 – I do NOT like ‘Wellness Coaches’ either, from my own personal experience, and from them not taking ‘it’ seriously. The ‘Wellness Coach’ I’ve experienced, is not in it for ME (or YOU), but in it only for ‘their’ financial gain, name promotion etc. Enough said.
    #2 – I LOVE your 2nd job because you are so AMAZING at it, and because it’s probably a peaceful release and enjoyable time for you! Which not many ‘jobs’ contain the joy that you receive in return for your services!


  3. Yay you came back to visit us!!! 🙂 Missed your words!
    Now, I have never heard of a wellness coach but it sounds like something I don’t believe in! hehe 🙂
    Is bullying the new catch phrase? Yes it is. There was a time way back in the old days, you know, when we were in school, when there might have been one bully or maybe two. The reason there weren’t more? Several reasons. First, if the parents found out about it they were able to step in and handle the situation .Parents now are not allowed to parent. Thats another soapbox for another time. There was also the strong chance that another student would step in and take care of the problem themselves. No, that is not bullying back. That is standing up for yourself or someone else. That is setting a line and saying don’t cross this cause I will only take so much. Is that wrong? In my humble opinion NO! Just compare the numbers of today to the numbers of our youth and you will see where I get my answer from.
    My last thought, sight words are tough! I loved your answer though! heheehehe 🙂

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