Beaten off the path.


Whoever said that “you get what you put into life.”, was full of it.

Whoever said that had never given their all in a marriage with somebody that didn’t want to give back.
Whoever said that had never been in a friendship where they were the only participant.
Whoever said that had never attempted every effort to eat right, only to have their body fight back.
That person had never been kind to the popular kids only to be bullied in return.
The person that came up with that saying had never loved a dog that had been run over by a car.
That person had never fallen for the wrong person, been broken by somebody close to them, lost someone that didn’t deserve to die, watered a garden in hard soil, or straddled a horse that operated unpredictably.
That person had never been the best player on the losing team.

If you trust the person that said that, you believe that life owes you something. That you deserve all of the greatest things because of something you’ve done. But the person that said that, was full of it.

This life doesn’t owe you anything.
You are given only 24 hours a day, 8-10 of which, you dream away. 14 hours, at best, to impact somebody’s life. To think twice before putting something on the internet that could hurt or offend. To encourage, forgive, forget, surprise, challenge, listen to and love somebody. 14 hours to hug your kids, kiss your man, squeeze your pets, text your friends, smile at strangers, buy a cheeseburger for the man on the corner, listen to a co-worker, change a life.

You could live as if life owed you something…waiting for what is owed to you to come full circle…or you could be the change. Live the love. Realize that no matter how hard you try, sometimes life is going to suck everything out of you, knock you to your knees & break you. That usually, bad things happen to the best people. And that the more you play victim to this world, the more you miss out on.

My heart hurts today…but I won’t allow anybody else to take responsibility of that, or wait for somebody else to fix it.

Don’t ask me if I’m okay.
You’ve only got 14 hours today, AT BEST, to better this world. Go find a stranger for me today and hand them something that will change their world. A note of anonymous encouragement – leave it on their car. Buy their coffee. Get them a fast food gift card. THAT will make me okay.

Refusing victim status,


One thought on “Beaten off the path.

  1. LOVE THIS NAOMI! Well said and well played by you. You are one of the strongest women I know, standing next to me. Be you and don’t let anyone ever change that wonderful person you are.

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