About Rugged Grace!

In search for me , I discovered truth
In search for truth , I discovered love
In search for love , I discovered God
And in God, I have found everything.

Mom, head over head over heels for a farmer. Photographer, social marketer for the unsocial. I really really love to laugh.

I’ve fallen head over heels for words, and love them so fiercely that I share mine as often as possible. I’ve committed to myself that this blog will be honest. I don’t want to have to explain myself or defend my feelings. I blog because I’m too much of an out-loud living, wildly passionate female to keep a private, hand written secret journal…that likely, somebody would find and read anyway (except me, I can’t ever find a single thing I hide.

Living in Rugged Grace, searching…constantly, for graceful balance and truth.
“Be fearlessly true to yourself today – with grace.”

2 thoughts on “About Rugged Grace!

  1. to this quote – “Authentic happiness isn’t something we can go out and get, buy, borrow, or steal. Nor can any form of artificial sensory stimulus generate true happiness; it’s only something we can be, and it’s a choice we make with every breath we take.” – I say AMEN!!!

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