Ouuuuuuuch, my arm, my arm is being twisted.

It’s been aaaaages since I’ve blogged, right?! I miss you guys a lot, just so you know. It hasn’t been lack of inspiration, or lack of things to write about, or even a lack of wanting to tell you things! It’s a bloody lack of time and a horrible excuse at that! ❤
Likely, that's why my best friend (ouuuuuuuuuch, it even pangs me to say it twisted my arm into splashing back into the blogosphere with a random blog. Random musings about life to get me back to rolling on my writing.

My window is open, I’m savoring some incredibly fresh fruit, I may or may not be halfway barefoot under my desk (sorry Christie!, but I mean, I’m not walking around or prancing with files in the bare toes!), and quite enjoying this hint of Spring we’re having today. All 53 degrees of it have my insides like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah hem:

-The same best friend that SHOVED me into writing this blog asked me why I love running so much. It’s going to be this gorgeous all week, and I can’t WAIT to tie on those rubbery soled laces. I love running because it clears my mind. CLEARS IT. It’s like my zen place. I leave the driveway stressed and come back like HAY GUYS BRING IT ON. I usually listen to music or just the pounding and crunching of my feet on the gravel and run until everything toxic is gone. Big bonus, is my waistline shrinks in like…6 days about it, too.

There is NOTHING like the casting of secrets and stress to the weeds and the gravel, and them throwing nothing but peace back at you.

-I feel like I’m finally getting my bearings in Colorado. I’m, after two years, fully active in my own activities, living my own path, and while absolutely still head over heels for that tall handsome man I moved down here for, I’m thriving in such a way that I can’t imagine ever being anywhere else. It’s this whole…farming and photography and accounting and mountains and plains and baby animals and fluffy dogs and being so close to the big city and yet soooooooo far away that’s so amazing. I’m officially a State Officer for Colorado Young Farmers (it’s like this really cool, grownup version of FFA…something I was never able to do, so I’m like FOR REAL THIS EXCITED ABOUT IT YOU GUYS!!

-Here’s the thing I learned about friendships recently. I’ve been wildly anxious about the comings and goings of friends in my life, the everchanging relationships, and the constant guilt over fault of it all. But I’ve sort of realized that A) that’s part of being in your 20’s, and B) friendships can be like Yoga. They can stretch and bend and change and in all of that, they can grow and develop and be different. I can love the same person I did 10 years ago at a different distance and with a different type of love than 10 years ago. People change. But I don’t think that means that you have to have a black and white answer on where your friendship is. It’s not all BEST FRIENDS OR HATE.

-I’m going to be 30 this year. We’ll come back to this soon.

-I want turquoise in my hair so bad.

-We’re taking our first family vacation this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girls will get to get on their first airplane and SEE THINGS OTHER THAN COLORADO AND WYOMING. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that there isn’t great things here, I’m just STOKED!!

-I’ve got two friends going through the trenches of really rough chapters and it’s so familiar to where I’ve been that I’m an emotional trainwreck about it. It’s like looking in a mirror six years ago. I know that’s part of the whole “everything happens for a reason” bit, but I’m not sure I’m ready to face it and use it.

My photography continues to soar and I’m absolutely blessed with the best friends and family and clients. I never knew I could love a hobby SO much.

-I’ve got two new books on order and almost heeeeeeeeeere!! Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (isn’t that the greatest title you’ve ever heard?!) and The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories, a book one of my favorite girls insisted I read. I love the thrill of new pages coming to me! In the mail! Like tomorrow!

-I feel like…like…. if you’re afraid to be you, if you’re unsure of who you are and instead of seeking that out find peace in imitation, than you’re headed in the wrong direction. If you’re not true to you, you’re nothing.

-I want to start a garden this year I think! I’m a little nervous about it, but I just want like…three vegetables and a fruit, and a checkmark on the “Things I want to be able to do by the time I’m 30” list. …more to come. My name is Naomi, I’m 29, and can’t grow a strawberry. Yet. Also, I live with a farmer? …awkward.

-Is there a sound affect for “I love this quote!!!!”? Play that sound in your mind, and then read this:

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
― Apple Inc.

-I have SO MUCH MORE TO SAY. All the more reason to come back soon, right?! Fill me in on you! ❤


Wordy Wednesday: #13! It’s about entertainment, I suppose.

You should probably bounce through my blog today:

Who decided 13 was going to be a number that would stand out? Either as lucky as unlucky? It holds no significance with me, nor any number, for that matter. Somebody explain.

Is there a way to permanently unsubscribe from all weather updates on Facebook? I intentionally avoid watching the newsfeed on days like today, and also Sundays. Because sports updates and weather updates aren’t necessarily irrelevant, but unoriginal. If we cared, we’d have something other than Facebook on, ya know?

I am literally thrilledexcited like OMG over all of the photography opportunities lately! My November is like BLAMfull, and I already have one scheduled in December. Whether I was ready to make this leap or not, I have no choice!

I just did a random “open the nearest book next to you, turn to page 359, read the most interesting thing on that page and share it” thing. And it was interesting enough that I thought I’d share it.

“Women’ll put anything in a toilet to try and make it go away. We once had a woman whose dog died, and she tried to flush it down the toilet.

“Small Dog?” Franklin asked.

“Well, yeah.” The manager’s eyes seemed to cross. “I mean, nobody’d try to flush a German Shepherd.””


I wish I had more time to read.

It is the year of the hats. I want to wear a cute hat with every out fit, every day, all day long this winter. Starting today. Because brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And also because it’s all matchy matchy.

I’ve had a few friends leave Facebook recently because they hate the drama, the meanness, the rumors, the gossip, etc. that happens there. It makes me sad that our world is so cruel that we can’t even keep a social network positive. It also really makes me miss “seeing” them every day. Mean people piss me off.

What about food blogs do you read? Do you read for the facts? The recipes? The pretty words people find a way to use with the recipes? Do you read them at all?

The History channel has me hooked on “Top Shot”, and also has me severely missing shooting guns. My dad would love this show: fact.

DirectTV is getting rid of FX as of November 1st, cutting me off cold turkey from my Sons of Anarchy addiction. I’m trying to figure out the best reaction: claw my skin off and pull my hair out like I would in drug rehab, leave nastygram messages on DirectTV’s voicemail, or switch to another provider. Thoughts?

Confidence is the new black. By which I mean, regardless of your makeup, your attire, or your current going-ons, if you’re displaying confidence, you’re gorgeous.

Yours Truly,

Wordy Wednesday: #7!

(photo credit AND link to this discovery below!)

-I’ve reached a point in my life where I have more to be thankful for, than things to complain about. Bliss. Then again, the older I get, the more I realize it’s all about perspective, and it’s really always been that way.

-You’re raising a child, not an inconvenience. Please don’t drug your kids with cough medicine, benedryl, or any other under the counter – over the counter junk. Their little systems take enough of a beating without your “help”.

-You don’t actually have to show up to every argument you’re invited to! Cool, right?!

-In just over a week, I will be introduced to Teen Witch for the first time. Should I be nervous?

-I feel a karaoke night in my soonishfuture, who’s in?

-“When you travel, and when you read, you are not actually alone, but rather surrounded by other worlds entirely, the footsteps and phrases of the whole other lives keeping you company as you go.” -Shauna Niequist, Cold TangerinesHarry Potter immediately jumped to mind when I read this. What book last took you somewhere amazing?

-Lemon Drop martinis are my new favorite sippy drink. It tastes like summer. ❤

-Today I was thinking, “Wow, I really have found that once-in-a-lifetime love!”, and then I realized that phrase is really quite silly. Everything we do is an opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime since we only get one chance at this living thing. The love you’ve got, is what you both make of it. You only get one shot with him too, you know?

-Ready for something profound? Arvada, Colorado smelled amazing today. They were having some BBQfest or something downtown, and ohMY.

-Oh! I was supposed to do that photo credit!
If you copy and paste this website into your browser: http://networkedblogs.com/n0g1P, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by that picture I used at the top, AND the words to encourage you to trust yourself more. “I want my life to be built on my own terms. I want to follow my dreams, not my mom’s, my sister’s, or my best friend’s.”

-I have two photo shoots this weekend! I’m stoked! I showed some of my latest favorites on my blog yesterday: My Photography: https://ruggedgrace.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/my-photography/.

You guys!! Have a fantastic week, ok?!


Wordy Wednesday: #6!

I am having THE hardest time remembering what movie the line, “this one time, at band camp…(followed by an epic, usually embarrassing story)” came from. I’ve never actually been to band camp, but I’ve been to summer camp. Bonus points to anybody that leaves a comment with the movie title that came from, AND an embarrassing story to go with it.

-I miss summer camp. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to go. Though, they’re not going to the same one I did. It’s where my parents met, had me, and I met my first real boyfriend. Nu uh, my girls aren’t going near the place. Where did you guys go?

-It’s raining and fall-like, and gorgeous outside. I wish it’d stay like today all winter.

-I would give just about anything to be in Chicago this weekend.

-I’m in the process of reading all of John Sandford’s books. I think there’s like…21 of them? Or 23 maybe? Anyway, I’m reading ‘Mind Prey’ right now, and it’s the first one that has legitimately scared the crap out of me, and is the only thing I’ll never read before bed. It’s book sixish, I think. *shudders* It’s actually looking at me from my desk right now, pissed off that I’m talking to you guys instead of lusting over its pages.

-There is a girl in our office that knows five languages, least of all English, and makes killer homemade ice cream.

-♫ Save your strength for things that you can change, Forgive the ones you can’t. You gotta let ’em go ♫

-My sister is the best nanny in the lahahahannnnnnnnnd. The way she juggles four kids under the age of six (not all mine, sheeeeesh) is impressive. Someday, she’s going to have twin boys (She knows, we’ve discussed it) and be all like “Psh, this ain’t NOTHIN”.

You guys wanna know a secret? Grandma might have gotten my girls a little something named Tinkerbell. I’ll share my homemade oriental ice cream with anybody that can guess what it isssssssssssss.

-I learned about dairy farms last weekend from my five and six year old, everything from baby cows sleeping alone and being kept company by matching kitties, to cows “having boobies that hang out all the time but it’s ok because our milk is made out of them.

-If uncomfortable shoes do not make my feet look cute, regardless of how they complete an outfit, we’re no longer friends.

-This autistic man restored by love for baseball fans and America, really. Especially the part where he starts to giggle:

-Have I mentioned I’m addicted to Pinterest yet? /thenomz, in case you are too.

-I can’t get this hair out of my head. Which probably means it’s going to end up ON my head. Soon. Well, as soon as I get the courage to ask my boss.

Lusting of purple and summer camp,

Wordy Wednesday: #4!

Tidbits from my week!

*Why would I pack a “cold lunch” for my kindergartner when “hot lunch” at school today is a Hummus Wrap full of veggies from Colorado? How the eff can I compete with hummus you guys?

*I just started reading “Cold Tangerines” by Shauna Niequist, and I’m already excited to start living this book. Watch for quotes, watch for them. For example, the back of the book goes like this: “I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud. And I don’t want to get to the end, or to tomorrow, even, and realize that my life is a collection of meetings and pop cans and errands and receipts and dirty dishes. This book is a shameless appeal for celebration.” I’m actually having a hard time not writing out the entire introduction for you. It’s already amazing. Actually, the latest quote I added to my blog: “”I need and choose the road of optimism and celebration and hope in the face of violence and despair and anxiety. And because the other road is a dead end.”, is from this book! (Wendy, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU for this book!)

*I want purple hair sooooo bad! Like an ashen blondish purple. Like this:

*I’m so proud of the way my five year old prays every night. She starts off by saying that she’s thankful for her family (like this: and thank you for mama, and brandon, and kyanne, and nova, and rolz, and daddy, and grandma, and the other grandma, and the other grandma after that, and grandpa, and the other grandpa, and my cousins…), and then goes on to tell Jesus about her whole day, or year. She rarely requests a single thing, except maybe the occasional “and help us have a good weekend tomorrow“. I think it’s prayers like this that started the kneeling next to the bed, because my feet KILL me by the time she’s done.

*People that are confident that they’re sneaky, aren’t so sneaky after all.

*Abusing your power is the quickest way to lose it.

*It makes me uncomfortable when Facebook comes up as a topic around the dinnertable. It makes me wonder what my kids will talk about when they’re our age. Can you guys imagine a world where Twitter is outdated?

*New plan: Don’t watch the news. It’s full of things that make me worry more, love the world less, ponder how to keep my kids safe, and create negativity. If it’s that important, I’ll hear about it on Facebook. Ha, HA.
Seriously though, I swear the media exists to control how the country feels. The world was better off in the centuries without technology. They weren’t old what they should be afraid of, where they should live, what schools the kids were to go to, etc. They just lived. Or maybe have died of dysentery on the Oregon Trail.

*Weekly favorite thought (I read it from God, others read it from their “little voice inside”, The Universe, etc., we can all use it though):

It’s not that you worry, Naomi, but that you care. A lot.

And knowing this difference can make such a difference, because then you can also remember that caring is my specialty, that every life unfolds in the palm of my hand, and that not one second of eternity is ever revealed that I haven’t carefully prepared.


*It bugs me when I go out of my way to email somebody something, and they don’t respond. I wasn’t talking to air, if I was, I’d have talked to the air.

*It also bugs me that when the substitute me sits at my desk while I’m gone, and doodles on all my paper. my paper.

*It worries me that so many people are afraid to live honestly. That they feel like they have to put on a facade to keep the peace. That their feelings are something to fear or be ashamed of.

*For the first time, maybe in my whole life, I am grateful for having a gaggle of women in my life that I’m excited to call “friends”. They make me laugh every single day.

*My favorite pictures of the week:

(awwww, I can’t show you! Because I haven’t revealed them yet, dangit! But our friends got engaged, and I got to capture it – OMGYAY)

*Are any of you guys on Pinterest yet? It’s my favorite new place to kill time on the internet! Follow me, I’ll follow you back! http://pinterest.com/thenomz/

*Song of the Week (obviously, I blogged about it already):

*I can’t wait to make this octopus a snack: http://bravegirlsclub.com/archives/
What was your favorite after school snack? My mom used to put frosting on graham crackers and OHMYYUM

My favoriteFAVORITE sent me my new favoriteFAVORITE picture: